On the edge of the world

The main character is telepathic...

I always half-wondered if I was mad.


When I was little and first realised that other people couldn't read people the way I could at first I thought it was brilliant. It was like a special game that only I could play. It made me feel a bit like a super hero or something.


It was only as I grew older that I realised that this trait, ability or skill - call it what you will- could get me into some difficult situations and lead to suffering and misery.


Of course it also had it's advantages, I can't lie about that and pretend it's all doom and gloom. If I had to choose I would never have opted to be 'normal' just to have an easy life.


About a year ago I first discovered that I was not the only person like me around. I was relieved and escatic for exactly a week before that night  when everything changed.



The End

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