On the edge.

What happens when you meet the love of your life? Well, normally, you would pursue them until they loved you back in the same way.

But not in this case. What happens when you meet the love of your life, but he loves someone else? Loves that other person so much that he's asked her to marry him?
Then, you weep.

"Oh, hey! New neighbor!" The most gorgeous guy ever appears in the open doorway of my new flat. I glance at him and grace him with a small smile, but continue unpacking. "Hey! I'm Emmett, but everyone calls me Em." He beamed, showing off dazzlingly white teeth. "I live next door."

"Oh. Hi," I say quietly. "Um.. I'm Lillia."

"Awesome. You need some help?"

The hours fly by as he helps me unpack. I told him I'd be fine, but no, he insisted. He said he couldn't leave me to unpack all alone! I have him unpack some of the little things for a while, but then he notices me looking at where the removal men have put the sofa in a miffed way.

"You want that moved?" He says, with an obliging smile.

From then on, I instruct him as to where to put each item of furniture. By the end of the afternoon, I am letting him call me Lils, (a nickname i used to hate) we have shared countless laughs and I feel like I have known him my entire life. Then -

"Em? Emmett? Where are you, hon?" Comes a female voice from the hall. We are slouched on the sofa, surveying the perfectly laid out flat. Emmett beams and jumps up.

"Coming, babe!" My heart sinks. Babe? Oh no... The guy who I think I'm falling in love with.. has a girlfriend... "Its Hannah, my fiancee. Bye, neighbor!" He rushes from the room, and I follow, slowly. I watch from just out of sight as they embrace, kiss, and then she pulls him through the doorway into his flat. The look in both of their eyes makes my heart feel like it is tearing into a million pieces.

He loves her. He loves her, and he's marrying her.

Why do I always fall for the wrong guys?

The End

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