On the Brink of Death

As soon as Joey pulled out his knives I was concerned. Right now I’m standing by our suburban while I wait for my family to come on out so we can leave. I was scared, and trying to open the door but it was locked at the time. While I was franticly trying to find a way in the suburban the final two stepped out. Those two have haunted me for years now. They were twins; they looked exactly the same and wore the same clothes. Let’s call them D&D for now. D&D did everything at the same time; they were one mind in two different bodies. They were dressed all in black, from head to toe, right down to their eyes. When they looked at me their gazed pierced me and sent a shiver down my spine. I couldn’t see their mouth, but I could feel them smile. Almost like they knew what was going to happen to me, what they were going to do, how much pain they were going to cause, and D&D loved the thought of that. As I stand on one side off the suburban I try to keep my head down and not look at them, but I couldn’t help it. As my gaze met Joey’s he snapped, he screamed like a madman and charged towards me. I thought that he may have been big, but I might be able to take him. As I tense myself he hits me like a train. I went flying through the air, and before I could even touch the ground he had a hold of me. He grabbed my ankle and yanked me toward him. His other hand went over my throat and gripped it. His hands were as cold as steel against my throat, as I was slowly losing consciousness he lifted me higher in the air. The next thing I knew it felt like I was falling and I hit the ground. It snapped me back to reality and I scrambled around trying to figure out what was going on. The four of them were surrounding me; D&D gave their invisible smiles and said three words. Three little words that would create pain and suffering for me and countless others. The words came out of their mouth like they’d been there all along. I felt the sting of the words as they said it, the power those three words held. D&D said in a deeply unified voice “Let it begin”. I winced as I heard it, and I felt the shock of pain as Jim hit me with his baseball bat. I wasn’t truly there though, as soon as D&D uttered those words it dragged me away to another dimension. 

The End

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