On the Brink

My First attempt at creative writting so i would say its the virginal tale of a girl taking her baby steps into the unknown Definately Fiction.


She stands on the edge the brink of the beginning or the end depending on how you look at..ooh geez I can't even write my own epic sentences okay so this is my story, my story of well everything that took me to right now  this very moment I am so distractible. I started writing to release all the crazy stories the dreams and visions of the unattainable the "fantasy" they say cannot be real but how was I supposed to know that a mind is like a Pandora’s box and once you open the lid you can't put the stuff away? I stood on the Brink of my vast new world my blank canvas I could paint my wishful reality on and felt apprehension. I should have listened to my gut but I didn’t I just jumped onto the page and started running with it.

My character was me in some sense, It was the me I always wanted to be confident, fresh, without  the innate bitterness that I felt doomed the world. I guess that's what doomed  her at least with my distrust came caution. She was just too sweet ,to pure and she never freaking saw it coming. Is that what it is to be a writer? The ability to give and take life at will to mess up and destroy someone’s life and laugh about it? Okay so back to the point I just am overwhelmed and confused on how this could happen.Oh yea I guess I need to say what happened so I need a little more practice with this whole writing thing. So back to the point I was writing about this girl and how she was just la de daing around the place and then she runs into danger oh no! and then I look up and there it is staring at me through my first floor window .It was really there I Blinked twice rubbed my eyes and it was still there. I used all the descriptive words in my vocab to describe this thing and there it was perfect right down to the last disgusting and disturbing detail. The "danger" was a s real as I am can you believe it? Someone or something stole my freaking idea.... I Stood up and stomped away how could this be? How could something I imagined and was born from the dark and twisting realms of the mind be real?

 I passed the front door in my rage I kept walking all the way to the back and right out that door I had to confront it, to kill it, to make it go away, it was so dangerous and unpredictable it had to be contained. I got to the part of the window I saw it at and it was gone I looked everywhere under the window, under the house siding, even in the bushes I know it isn’t fast I described it in the book as lumbering no way something can lumber faster than my rage filled jaunt out the back door. I turned thinking I heard something and I catch a glimpse of it! I feel so startled I jump and about knock myself out on the sill. Slowly I stand thinking how the hell did it get into my house? On the other side of the window I was just sitting in front of? Realization dawns really slowly on me and I begin to understand...how long has it been since I looked into a mirror?


The End

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