Forgiveness (conclusion)

“Mom, dad, even though I’ve never met you I hope that where ever you are you know me. I hope you’re proud of what your son has become.” The flames danced before their eyes with the breeze and Asha smiled like it was a sign. “This is Rei. He’s my scouting partner.” Asha stopped and turned to look at the other man as he took his hand. “But he’s also so much more than that. He’s my family and my heart. He’s my everything. So don’t worry, your son is in good hands, he’s safe,” Asha told the flickering candles.

“And he’ll never be alone again,” Rei added. The look in Asha’s eyes was all Rei needed to know that he believed it. Reluctantly they let go and Asha turned back to the river.

                “Be at peace,” he whispered his voice thick with emotion. Gently he picked up both candles and set them on the river’s surface. Rei opened his arms to him and through blurry tear filled eyes they watched the current sweep them out into the night.

The End

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