on shane

Shane landed smoothly on the balcony. She flew a mile while being invisible and her back ached. She smiled though; the trip was worth it. Being home early and bursting through the windows was an anniversary surprise that Carmen wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Shane peeked through the curtains and did not find Carmen in their room. The lights in the bath were turned on, however, and Shane could make out Carmen’s slim silhouette behind the door.

Stealthily, Shane opened the windows and entered the room. She took in the scent of her girl – musky and arousing. Suddenly, she heard Carmen leaving the bath. Shane hastily turned herself invisible and made sure her footsteps were indiscernible as she approached Carmen.

Carmen felt familiar arms around her naked shoulders. Hot breath was on her neck, ironically sending a shiver down her spine. She knew the hug so well that she didn’t feel the slightest fear for her unseen lover.

“You’re early, Shane. Happy anniversary honey,” she said.

“How d’you like to make love to an invisible partner?” Shane whispered.

“I’d like to try it, but I’ll miss looking into your eyes while you’re in me,” Carmen replied, smiling as Shane slowly materialized behind her.

Shane then touched her underneath the towel, grinning slyly as she did. “Happy anniversary to you too, baby,” she said.

“You have been very, very naughty,” Carmen teased Shane. “I ought to punish you.”

“How can you be so hot yet so cold and mean?” asked Shane.

“You’ll see.” Carmen touched a strand of Shane’s hair with her fingertips and the strand turned into ice in less than a second. With a flick of her finger, Carmen split the strand of ice into barely visible pieces that quickly dissolved into drops that landed on Shane’s shirt.

“Not my hair, baby,” Shane complained.

“But you have been so naughty, sneaking up on me like that,” said Carmen, playfully spraying water on Shane’s cheek as she toyed with another strand. “And you’re starting to heat me up when you know that I’m way cooler than ice.”

“Then I guess I just have to risk my hair,” Shane said. “Otherwise, it’ll be on fire. I can’t keep my heat in a moment more.”

They kissed then, words necessary no more. Carmen let her towel fall, her skin warm to Shane’s touch. Their lips still locked, they fell on the bed, Carmen taking Shane’s clothes off in a hurry. Soon they were both naked – their heartbeats felt by each other, their breaths on each other’s face.

They made love trough the night, their screams and moans muffled by sweet kisses. Then they lay on the now sweaty sheets, all their strength lost.

Shane pulled Carmen closer and listened to her thoughts as she slept. “I love you, Shane.”

“I love you too, Carmen.”

The End

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