Unwanted HurdlesMature

Jenny took a deep breath as she surveyed the track in front of her. Her bright blue eyes had taken on a slightly cold glint in them as she mentally mapped out her plans. Today was a hurdling day. And, at least for Jenny, hurdles took a lot of concentration. She had just finished setting them up, and was now planning the best way to go about doing them. There were four hurdles on each straightaway and two on each of the shorter ends. She couldn’t sprint, if she did, she wouldn’t be able to jump the hurdles nearly as well. She had to figure out a good pace.

Having decided on her pace, Jenny began to stretch. She hadn’t stretched yet because she wanted to plan out the hurdles before she got distracted. And there was quite a bit for Jenny to be distracted about. The hurdles would bring her back to Earth, they would sharpen her focus. Anyone who ran track knew that to not pay attention while jumping hurdles would result in a painful end. If you were to jump one inch too short, you’d come toppling down to the ground.

Jenny needed to get her mind off of what had happened with Quinn. The more she thought about it, the more confused she became. Did he kiss her because he was drunk? Or did he actually like her? And which was worse? If he had kissed her because he wanted to, it could mean the end of their friendship as they knew it. If he had kissed her because he was drunk… Jenny didn’t really know what to think if he’d done it because he was drunk. All Jenny knew was that her best friend had given, or stolen her first kiss. And she wasn’t quite sure that she knew how she felt about it. 

Jenny took a deep breath, shook herself off, and began to run. She ran at a fast pace, but it wasn’t quite a sprint. Quinn would have never been able to keep up. As the first hurdle approached, Jenny braced her leg muscles, and launched herself over the obstacle. She touched back down to the ground, slowing slightly at the landing impact and continued running. She built herself back up to her original pace just in time for the next hurdle. This one went smoothly as well, as did the next, and the next, and the next.

Jenny was halfway around the track, four more hurdles to go, and then a water break. Her legs were starting to get a tiny bit tired, but not nearly enough that it really registered in her brain. She kept running at that same pace. She neared the first hurdle, and sailed over it in perfect form. The same thing happened with the next two hurdles.

There was only one more hurdle to go, and Jenny was still going strong. Each step she took emulated confidence and happiness. This was what she was born to do. The final hurdle grew closer and closer, and Jenny focused in on it as if it were the only thing within a mile radius. She tensed her legs to jump, and just as she was launching herself into the air, she spotted a mop of unruly hair. Quinn? As she flew through the air, almost over the very last hurdle, her second foot caught just a tiny bit on the edge of the hurdle and Jenny came crashing to the ground.


Jenny hit the track with a loud thump. Her head got tossed over in the fall, and her forehead came into contact with the metal part of the hurdle. There was a sort of throbbing pain in her head, and Jenny felt something warm trickling down her forehead. She lifted her hand up to her head to see what it was, and upon taking it down, she saw her hand was covered in blood. 

Jenny tried to stand up, she had to get herself to the infirmary. There was no one else around, her running buddy was bedridden. She tried to stand, but her legs wouldn’t support her. She collapsed back onto the ground. 

The world was spinning. Why was it doing that? And it was beginning to blur around the edges. The throbbing pain in her head was only getting worse. But Jenny fought it with all of her being. No. She had to stay conscious. She had to get herself to the infirmary. Will or Cal would take care of her there. She had to get there. There was no alternative. 

Jenny tried to get up once more. This time, she was able to stand out of sheer determination to do so. She took a step forward, and the ground was yanked out from under her as everything went black.

The End

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