On Our Side of the Aquarium Glass

The creatures who live in the Monterey Aquarium have stories of their own. The conversations among themselves reveal the complexity of life within this captured sea.

Nearly two million gallons of the Pacific Ocean make up the neighborhoods in the Monterey Bay Aquarium, home to 35,000 marine citizens.  Outside the glass, the human creatures point and gawk, read their guidebooks and carry their plastic sharks.  Their world beyond the six inch glass is such an artificial place, but our watery world inside the glass is a complicated society of savage competition and sublime cooperation, a balance of every-fish-for-himself and one-for-all-and-all-for one.

The following are moments in that aqua-realm, a complex society of the bottom feeders and the surface skimmers, the gregarious prey and the solitary predator.  As varied as their appearance might be, so much more is the variety of their stories.

The End

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