Dallas: The Getting Ready Part

I felt a vibration beneath my head and groggily opened my eyes, sliding my hand under the yellow Pikachu pillow to fumble with the alarm. Unsuccessful. I groaned, sat up, snatched the clock and pressed the tiny button on the back. 7:00 AM the tiny screen read. Why the heck was I up at 7 AM on a week end?? Ah. Lou. A small smile sneaked on to my face as I remembered: camping.

I swung my legs off the edge of my bed, stared into the eyes of Rou Reynolds and left my room. As I crept into Louise's room, I glanced around at the various posters and stickers on her violet walls, slowly realising something. I'd been rubbing off on her, more so than I first realised. I knew she was getting into pop-punk and liked to read light fantasy-horror, but I wasn't expecting to see Kerrang! posters of Green Day, All Time Low and Blink-182, nor was I expecting drawings tacked to the wall, which sounds normal (and for a moment I nearly dismissed them) until I realised that they were versions of band logos and copies of CDs.

Well, at least she's being creative.

I turned my attention to the sleeping girl curled up so tight I could barely see her face. After brushing the hair from it, I went to wake her up - but hesitated. She looked so peaceful, her eyes closed and calm, like nothing could ever disturb her. The corners of Lou's lips upturned slightly, making me think that my presence had woken her. But no. She lay there, as still as a statue, content in her dreams. She would have slept through an apocalypse if we'd let her. 

Pre-emptively holding my breath, I tentatively placed a hand on her shoulder and immediately felt her jump. Lou groaned slightly before turning on to her back, opening her eyes.

“Dallas? What’s going on?”

“Adventure, Lou. Remember?” At this her eyes lit up and she was suddenly much more awake.

“Where are we going?” Her blue eyes hopeful.

“To the forest, on a magical quest!” Lou got up and suddenly hugged me. My eyes widened slightly but I smiled. “You’re the best!” Her innocent enthusiasm was contagious.

I laughed and went to her chest of drawers, then picked out suitable clothes. “I’ve already packed, so get this on, have breakfast then we’re off!”

I went back to my room, got dressed into my long shorts and a t-shirt, washed my face then sorted out my hair. Or tried to. For some reason, it had gone immensely curly, much more so than usual. I brushed it out then grabbed my straighteners out of habit – but stopped. I was going camping. Who cares about curly hair? It would probably do it some good to be free of the heat for a few days.

Shaking my head to loosen the curls from the clumps that my brush had made, I ran downstairs for breakfast, surprisingly way more excited than I thought I would be. It was going to be an amazing weekend.

The End

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