Emma: Something Strange Over There

I gazed at the mossy ruins in the far distance, only a dark silhouette against the fiery sky. I could trace the outline with my finger, as if I could cut it out with my fingernail and keep it forever.

Still, I could see it whenever I pleased. It wasn't a problem of having it whisked away from me.

But... I did so wish to be able to create an actual ruin. A ruin is supposedly an old structure which has been destroyed or worn down over time, no? Well, creating the structure wasn't hard at all; when one's imagination is extensive, imagining the perfect structure isn't hard, and it just pops right in front of you.
But this is Veronictaldboque. It's all I've ever known; the settings never stay the same. It's new, it's adventurous, but then when you go back to the old places, nothing ever wears down. My structures stayed the same. Tiresome.

Sometimes, I wondered about... other places. Miss Muckle told me about a place where you have to take solid bricks and manually pile them up to make a building. It must be so laborious. You can do that here, if you wish, but no one really prefers to do so.

Anyway. Papa never acknowledged any other places, and I get a hunch that he won't like what Miss Muckle has told me. He always proclaimed she's batty, anyway. 

I liked having my own secret wonders, anyway.

The sun has set and night has risen in a matter of moments; a dark, velvety sky with pinprick stars. It's always like that.
Miss Muckle also said that over There, the sky stays fiery for longer, for minutes. I'd like to see that.

But it's meal time, and it's mushroom surprise, my favourite, so I decided to head in.

I spun on my bare feet, and began heading back to my house - when I spot something.

In the distant, long grass, there was a... hindrance. A waver in the air, a disconnection in the area.
It happened sometimes, but not often.

I watched it, for five seconds - and it disappeared.

Sighing, I headed back in.

Funny how curiosity can eat up mushroom delight than you can.

The End

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