Dallas: The Beginning of an Adventure

Dallas Bryson is a depressed young man who lives in his daydreams. Emma Xelphius is a young lady who constantly seems to have a visitor. When their worlds collide (literally) what will be the outcome?

I looked out on to the fields of green, splattered with yellow flowers the way a skilled artist would flick paint on a canvas. I could almost feel the cool grass tickle my toes and the breeze lifting the hairs on the back of my neck. Almost.

I turned my back on the meadows and lazily started walking towards the forest now in front of me. The grass became leaves and twigs as my head began to clear. No more noise. No more thoughts unwillingly filling my head. No more background screeching that constantly sounded like feedback from a microphone. Almost no more. 

But the edges of the view in front of me started to blur and the noise began to creep up on me like a bad stalker. I closed my eyes and --

I was back. Back in the middle of maths class, last period on a Friday. 

"Dallas...?" It was my small, hesitant maths teacher Mr Bland - oh wait, Mr. Blann. "Dallas, are you with us? You may not like maths, but it will get you through life, I promise." You can see why we call him Mr Bland.

"Sorry Sir." I replied. He smiled smugly, like he'd got something out of me no one else could. He carried on with whatever the hell he was explaining and I started daydreaming again. 

"Sir, it's 3:30!" Someone shouted, dragging me out yet again. I was so frustrated I almost didn't think what the guy had said. Then it registered; it was the weekend. Finally.

I grabbed my bag as Mr Bland dismissed us, then made a run - fast walk - for it. I didn't have far to walk though and in ten minutes time I had reached my house. I opened the door and within 5 seconds my waist and legs were being smothered.

"Dallas! You're home!" My 8 year old sister cried, a wide smile on her face.

"You bet'cha! And guess what?" 


"We're going on an adventure this weekend!" Her grin was infectious.

"We are? WHERE!?"

"That, Lou, is a secret! You'll find out tomorrow!"

"Dallas!" She carried out my name for a good six seconds.

"Louise!" I imitated her tone. "You'll just have to wait and see! Now, where are the crisps?"

The End

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