On his couch, at midnight.

Guy and girl on couch.

He leant over to his left, reaching over her body, suddenly conscious of the heat in the room; and the soft rise and fall of her chest. His heart beat faster and he was unable to control it. He was certain she could hear every beat, like a drum, beating loud and clear inside his empty chest. His body relaxed, as he sat back, staring into her deep green eyes, so inviting. He could not resist. Keeping his eyes on hers, he loved his face closer. He could smell her perfume and it intoxicated him. He raised his hand and held her beautiful face while he slowly moved his lips towards hers. They touched, Sending electrifying sparks between them. Her body moved to his, wanting his warmth and security, It has been months since she had felt how safe a mans arms could be and oh how she missed it.

The End

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