One Month VacationMature

"Another day on the job!" My best friend Elizabeth said. She and I had joined the Police Force after we graduated from High School. Taking people down with bare hands is fun, dangerous, but entertaining.

It hadn't surprised me a bit. Elizabeth had become my friend in Middle School, we were both going through troubles, and we helped eachother out. We solemnly swore to never stray off the path we were meant to be on, making sure that we would stay together forever. "The only thing keeping us here today is the stupid meeting," I replied to her. "We already know that we have a standard one month Vacation, we've been here for 4 years now! Why do we still have to be part of this obnoxious meeting?" 
"It's all for the money, Jay. All for the money," She took a sip of her coffee. "And anyway, what are you going to do for your one month vacation? Are we going to go down to see everyone back in West Palm?"
I didnt really know what I wanted to do this time.

We sat in the crowded room, newbie and oldie cops everywhere. "As you should be well aware," the chief started. "All officers are required to take a one month paid vacation out of the year. You must meet with your captain in order to schedule that month. DISMISSED!"
Elizabeth and I stepped out of the room. "Smelled like newbies in there! New uniforms and iron," she said. I laughed.

--Journal Entry, January 8th, 1997--

She never lost her teenage charm. She was always a funny girl, always able to keep me around. We had many spastic moments of our own, throwing a doll into a fan while taping it one evening. Middle school was great. I had my fair share of middle school boys, all of them not really worth it though. I did crush on a boy named Matt. O, how cute he was! But what a jerk, for he did not know that I was madly in love with him. He was blind! O, how I wish he could have seen! But thats over.

One day to another,

Narika Hibari

I parked the Police car in a Walgreens parking lot. "I'll run inside and get us some snacks, anything in particular you want?" I asked Elizabeth. She shook her head. "Alright, be back." I got out of the car and walked inside the store. The radio was on one of those news channels. I grabbed a bunch of chip bags and some cookies and went to the check out counter. There, in a display box, was a bunch of Pocky. "Whoa.." I said to myself. I grabbed a box of Pocky. "I haven't seen this in so long..." I put all the stuff on the counter. I was thinking while I waited in line. What should I do for my month off? Take a trip. But where? I looked at the box of Pocky. Japan! I should go visit my family in Japan! I wonder if Elizabeth would want to come too...I paid for the snacks and ran out to the car. "Elizabeth! I figured out what I'm going to do on my month off!!" I dropped the bags in the car and sat. She looked at me. "What?"
"I wanna go visit my family in Japan! You should come!"
"Really!? That would be so cool! So we just have to get the time off..."

The End

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