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First person of the Main character Jayden Hibari //real name Narika Hibari// (A character I created). She is 22 years old. This is sort of like, a journal mixed with her life outside it. This is based off the Anime "Katekyo Hitman Reborn". //Her Journal sounds more old timed than the year she lives in// She was born February 29th, 1975.

--Journal Entry: January 7th, 1997--

On and on, the days go. It doesnt matter what stands on the way. Another day must start, just as the day before must end. Dont get me wrong, my social standings are great, I have friends, and an Aunt and Uncle who love me, and a good job too. But things just haven't gone right since I left home so many years ago.

My poor dear little brother. I left him all alone with the people in life who would do him the most harm! I will never fully understand my decision, for I did not know what I was thinking then either. Our father, Alexander, was a cruel German man. He is who I fear the most my brother to be with. Our mother, Akira, was a beautiful and kind Japanese woman. You can see my brother and I are of mixed decent. I look of my father, while my brother looks of my mother. O! My brother, Kyoya, was a fine boy! Always so sweet and caring. Father would always beat him, you see, even when he did nothing.

I must tell you of my Aunt and Uncle too! They're kind people, thinking of me often enough, but they ignore my pleads to take my brother away from the wretched person my father is! They took me away when I was 9, stating it would be good for me, leaving my dear 3 year old brother behind to be tortured by demons. I do believe theres something wrong here! How could anyone be that cruel, especially to a boy as young and sweet as Kyoya! I wonder how he is doing, he must be so old now!

Forever and Always,

Narika Hibari 

--End of Journal Entry--

The End

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