Inky Revelations

Mark didn't mention the black dog over the fish and chips. By now, he knew enough to assume it was yet another omen of his impending violent death.

After dinner, which was quite probably the best piscine meal he'd ever eaten, Erica pulled both him and Libby up to her bedroom.

This turned out to be purple, black and pink, full of models of dragons and innumerable books with titles like 'Spells For The Modern Witch'. Erica looked slightly embarrassed. It didn't fit very well with her general attitude.

"I don't bring very many people up here at all," she said, busily straightening out her school books on her desk. "It's a bit private. So I hope you appreciate it."

"Definitely," Mark said, hiding a smirk and tugging out a book on supernatural creatures. Flicking through, he spotted a picture of the black dog he had seen out of the window; sure enough, it foretold impending doom.

"Put that back," Erica said, grabbing it off him. "My mum gave me that, it's valuable."

She dusted the cover off lovingly and replaced it on the shelf, and then went after Libby, who was fingering things in curiousity.

"Don't touch that it's fragile!"

Eventually both her new companions had been arranged to her satisfaction and were looking suitably chastened, and Erica could finally get on with the looking. Retrieving a small saucer, she filled it with a small puddle of jet-black ink and set in on the table.

"I thought you didn't use crystal balls," Mark protested. She gave him a withering look.

"Does that look like a crystal ball to you?"

Mark had to admit that it did not.

"Thank you. Don't distract me."

She bent over the saucer and peered into it, her eyes oddly unfocussed, and there was silence for enough time to make Mark start to fidget uncomfortably.

Then she looked up, looked at Mark, and said:

"I just saw you die."

The End

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