Olive oil

"Th-Th-There's no easy way to say this" His pale blue eyes searched for the right words on the wall behind the young woman. He rubbed his cheek stretching out his wrinkled skin showing her how he would have looked before old age gripped him and soaked up his looks.

"So Im just going to say it straight" He looked up as if in prayer for a second. "Your husband. We tryed all we could im sorry. There was nothing else we could do."

"You did your best thats all I could ask" She looked at the floor to compose herself. Stroking his arm she contuned "You gave me some precious time with him. I will never forget that"

As she walked away the Doctor's eyes followed her down the hall, his mind starting to wander. What did she see in that guy. He was old enough to be her dad maybe even her granddad. She seemed distraught when he was diagnosed. But why, why would a woman like that marry a man like him. He chucckled to himself, "I obviously hang out in the wrong places"

 *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *    *

Huddled in the small, but posh, car her late husband had bought her, Olive pulled out a small metal case. Opening the case and pulling out a small white cylinder she smiled. Henry, her poor late husband, would have never approved of this. What did she care he was out of the picture. Putting the warm flickering flame to the end of her cigarette and breathing in sharply. She watched the small ficks and swirls of the white smoke rapidly escaping from the end of the fag.

"Im free" Olive looked around the car making sure no one else could hear her remark. I never have to pander to that.. that vile old mans needs again. Finally I can forget every thing. I should get myself some kind of therapy. All those years of sharing a bed with him and satisfying his... needs. That thought discusted her to the core. NO more. I have waited for so long for this.

Looking down at the butt of her fag, Olive realised how long she had been sat inside the car. The cold key slid between her fingers as she turned it in the ignition. Moving slowly in the car park through the weaving road, Olive finally left.

*     *      *     *     *     *     *      *     *     *      *       *      *         *

Henrys cold body was slid into the draw. The light dimming around his eyes as the door was closed almost in slow motion. Why was he being put in here? Henry struggeled to move his arms or legs, frustrated he wiggled willing his body to do the same. Eventually he'd mentally exhausted himself and he lay still for a while. Feeling that some of his strength had been regained he tryed again. Why couldn't he make a noise? Why where his arms and legs so soild?

Having no idea that he was dead, obviously had an effect on Henry. Begining to believe he was mad, or that he had become paralysed.

What the hell is happenining to me..

The End

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