Old Time Blues

A Boy Has To give Up Something Valuable From His Past. Can He Finish What He Already Started.

   I sat there, not letting the factual sight get to my mind. Let alone my heart. I should have seen this coming, this feeling of absolute pain/pleasure rack through every tendon of my body. She was finally out of the picture. Gone now, gone forever.

   The day was just ending, as was the season that allowed white, cold bits and pieces fall from the sky and land on the once green earth. They milky looking snow all but lifted from the ground as the spring began to roll in. As I looked around I saw a bush, I couldn’t help but reach out and take a leaf. The leaf would grow back in time. I looked at the rotten leaf and thought, life never changes and threw the leaf down as roughly as I could, though the leaf didn’t go down, but merely float and landed softly in the soon to be melted snow next to the remains of Her.

   I reached down and as I brushed the beautiful curvature of her body, I sighed in bereavement. I love her more than anything in the world, but I knew that I had to get rid of her some way or another. To start a new life, without any reminders of my past sorrows. I picked up my shovel which had been the thing I smashed her with and dug a hole in the ground, my eyes blurring with the unshed tears. As I finished, I picked up the beautiful saxophone pieces and laid them in carefully. I pushed down my near to the surface sobs and placed the soil and snow into the unleveled earth. Our memories went back to when I was just a little boy. We loved to play the blues together but those old times blues had to be finished some way, somehow. I sighed.  


The End

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