The new world

As I went through the black hole it didn't hurt. It felt like mist. I opened my eyes and I was approching the ground, or so i hoped. Thud, I landed on a soild patch of dirt. It hurt really bad and I couldn't get up.

Then i looked at my surrondings. To my left were tons and tons of trees. All with tons of fruit. To my right was a beach. And directly in front of me was a path. I chouse path. I waited a few minites to recover then I walked and walked untill I was going to turn back. Under a small tree was my sister, Alice. I quikly pulled the tree of of her and saw that she had been knocked out.

I held her in my arms untill she came to and jumped back frightend about where she was. "It's ok." I said trying to make her calm down so we could find out how to get home. "No it's not, Dagnie." Urg she said my weird name that my mom wanted after she read some book. "Just calm down and we can find a way home." She didn't calm down insted she ran of into the woods. Urg doble time!

The End

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