Old entrance to a New world

I was happy to go bolling even if it was 8 am on a weekend. "I'll go." I told my little sister who loves the bolling ally. "Yes!" She screamed a little to loud for my likeing. I got out of bed and saw my 12 year old sister, i was only 3 years older and she exspected me to replace our dead mother.

After I had gotten changed i searched my room for my wallet. I checked under my bright pink bed. Nope, it wasn't there. Then, i checked under my computer desk, my only piece of furniture besides my bed and dresser. I fond it in a drawer to my left. I pulled out my wallet and was surprised to find i still had a hundred bucks left.

We walked to the bolling ally in silence. We got there 5 minites later and got shoes and a lane all for ourselfs. We bolled for awhile untill we had a break. It was about 10:30 when we started bolling again. My sister walked up to the lane and with lots of force, had it roll to where it looked like it would've been a strike, turned and knocked down only 4.

I felt bad, so i walked up to her, to comfort her but she took a bolling ball and slamed it on the ground next to me. It wasn't her act that surprised me, it was the giant hole through the wood, that the bolling ball made. She looked at it too and with out warning jumped into the hole.

She must have kept going because i never heard a thud so i jumped down after her like an idiot. I fell down and down and down untill a platform looked to be ahead, but as i got closer it was a spiral shaped black thing that i would have named a black hole. I closed my eyes and waited for the end to come.

The End

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