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Deep outside the city, a small fire burned brightly inside the dark forest. Gathered around the fire were six figures, tall in height,slender in build with pale skin and pointy ears. Their jet-black cloaks covered their raven hair and bright yellow eyes. Numerous scars were present on each dark elves face. They were beast masters, elite monster tamers of the druuchi.

"Ethrall, we have been hunting for many moons," one of the cloaked dark elves spoke up. "Yet there is no sign of the manticore."

The dark elf standing up, gazing towards the forest turned his attention to his comrade. "Kiiat you grow impatient. The master will be displeased that we have not found that blasted creature."

Suddenly a loud cry from the forest caught their attention. "Something comes this way," Ethrall spoke. As the rest of his group unsheathed their wicked curved blades, Ethrall whipped out his spike tipped whip, uncurling it with a crack. The loud roars began to sound closer and closer. The underbrush was brushed aside as several beastmen thundered towards them. Ethrall noticed they didn't seem to be charging. Rather they were running away from something. Ethrall yelled, charging towards the fleeing beastmen. His whip cracked in the air, wrapping around one a beastman’s neck. It gave a muffled cry before dropping on his knees, blood dripping out of his mouth and neck. Ethrall swung the whip, sending the strangled beastman flying into another, knocking them to the ground. “Kiiat, report our current situation!”

Kiiat swung his blade, slicing a beastman’s face in half. “These guys aren’t that interested in us! Most aren’t even fighting back.”

A single beast man with a goat like head and sharp horns bleated. “Retreat! The pointy ears have us surrounded!” The beastman turned his head back to the forest, only to be killed by two arrows imbedding themselves into his eyes. The beastmen dropped to the ground, grabbing the pair of remaining beastmen and the dark elves attention.

“What the?” a dark elf said. The dark elves made their way beside Ethrall, swords in hand. They gasped as the forest itself seemed to move, a large group of wood elves stepping into sight, some with bows drawn and aimed towards them and others pointing spears at them. Ethrall grinded his teeth and cracked his whip into the air.

“Be gone pale skin!” a wood elf with a wolf headdress spoke. He stepped out of the protection of the underbrush, two glowing blue blades in his hands. “Answer dark elf, lest I use your corpses for target practice!”

“Big words tree hugger!” Ethrall roared back. “We mean no harm to you…for now.”

Three arrows whizzed past the wood elf swordsman colliding into one of Ethrall’s elves. He let out a groan before falling to the ground. Kiiat roared. “Cowards!”

The wood elf twirled his blades and pointed them at the dark elves. “Like I said before, leave or I kill you!”

Kiiat went to run at the wood elf when Ethrall outstretched his arm. “Not this time Kiiat.” Ethrall turned to the wood elf swordsman. “We’ll be back wood elf! And when we do, you will all burn!” Ethrall motioned to his group and they began to walk away, still eyeing the wood elves. Kiiat turned to the pair of beastmen who stood staring at them. “What do we do with these worms?”

Ethrall didn’t turn to Kiiat but answered him. “Kill one, take the other with us.”

Kiiat nodded and whipped a throwing knife at the smallest beastman. It hit his head and he fell to the ground, a shocked expression on his now bloody face. The other beastman, more goat like in appearance roared. He charged at Kiiat, but was quickly subdued by a knee to the chest. As he fell, he was bound in chains by the beastmasters.

“Take this dog with us.” Kiiat said to his dark elf companion. The elf nodded and yanked the chain, forcing the beastman to the front. The druuchi beastmasters marched straight towards the city.



The End

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