A Spot in the Sun.

It took a fairly long walk to get to the tower, Yurplebreach wasn't necessarily a big place but it had many sidetracks, alleys and road blocks. Every bit of town seemed uninhabitable. Along the muddy roads stood crummy trade-stands and you could get a whore at every corner. Each block its own specialty.

As the fading rays of light reached in between the cracks of the cobble stones, the massive steps along the tower came in view. “We're lucky we made it before the night, they don't accept any visitors after the sun disappears.” As they walked towards what seemed to be the start of the huge stairs a man approached them. Alongside him an emaciated old dog. “Lead on boy, are you smelling something? Lead on!” The hairy patch of fur sniffed and pulled the blind man along, who seemed to have the trouble of keeping his beard from getting entangled below his feet. “Who goes there, who does wish to approach the council?” He called out in effort. Bob and Olav halted. “Easy, keeper of the tower, I am Bob, ferry-man and friend of Yurplebreach. At my side is Olav of Hörsebehne. We wish to consult the council on a matter of great importance.” The man felt around with his hands in front of him, meanwhile pulling the boney carpet along in the process. After some awkward moments of feeling the structures of Olav's and Bob's faces the keeper bowed and presented himself. “Tak, Keep of the Tower salutes you Bob and Olav, tell me of this matter you wish to discuss.” Bob stood firm and answered. “The matter is for the council to hear, not a keeper of the tower. We wish to pass and begin our journey to the top.” The old man mumbled and pulled on his beard. “You're a sneaky one, a sneaky bag of bones is what you are! Fine, have it your way. The whole place is in disarray, it's not like I care much about who passes or leaves anymore.” He followed up with a mumble; “If they leave in the first place...”

What was that? What did you say?” Bob replied.

Move along now, the council will see you.”

Tak stepped aside and the dog growled below its scruffy fur. Olav and Bob made their way to the stairs and Bob looked behind one last time. In a fair distance away now stood the keeper, waving, his faint cackle traveling on the wind.

The End

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