Wisdom Comes With Rice.

Bob and Olav - who was dressed in his fine wear - came walking down the creaking stairs and made their way out of the strange tavern. The man Bob had paid a day earlier came running at them with a dirty towel around his neck. “Bob! Wait!” he was panting. “Thank you for your money good sirs, we don't get many visitors anymore with the crisis going on and all. I couldn't help but listen in on your conversation last night. You're going to see the Elders?” Olav replied bluntly, “What's it to you old man?” Bob put his hand on Olav's shoulder and squeezed lightly, “Indeed we are my friend,” he replied to the man.

Well you ought to know then that there's something very wrong at the tower.”

Olav raised an eyebrow. “More wrong than what I've been seeing so far?” He said with a thick layer of sarcasm.

Aye, uh, hmm, yeah they lost it. Lost their minds. A curse befell the Elders is the word around town.”

Thank you friend but I'm sure the council is in a shape to receive us. For we bring them important information.” Bob eyed Olav and paused a moment before returning his attention to the thin person blocking their exit. “Your service was royal and the food excellent. I thank you for a pleasant stay.” Bob threw his cloak around his shoulders, pulled down the hood and dragged Olav away by the hand. “Don't wanna keep them waiting now do we?” They made their way past the many similarly dirty alleys with many similarly worried eyes staring at them. The shops that were still open were all selling the same items; usually dirty rags considered clothing in Yurplebreach, tobacco products or strange, colorful masks. The masks in particular were the thing most noticeable in town, many people walked around with bright, colorful masks of animals, wanted criminals or anything of importance that time in Yurplebreach. The people that weren't wearing any masks usually looked hideous, some as if they had mutated, with extra sets of ears or eyes. “Don't stare, it's not polite” Bob nudged Olav. He pointed at a large purple tower in the distance. It looked menacing with it's many spikes at the top and the endless stairs wrapped around from the bottom to the head. “That's where we're going, just a bit further now.”

What was the old man talking about Bob? The Elders gone mad? Anything recent?” Olav asked as he stroked his beard with his right hand since the left one was clasped in Bob's bony grip.

The Council has always been a bit of a mess, the Elders are wise but wisdom comes with a price. The common folk don't get to hear much, so sometimes rumors spread. You'll find out when we get there, just stay presentable and let me do the talking.

I need to find out what happened to me, dragon's breath I'm gonna keep my mouth shut!”

Trust me on this one Olav, you'll want to let me do the talking.”

The End

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