Dress Well.






Olav jumped up and opened his eyes, coughing wildly. “Block!”

Above Olav stood Bob, grinning. “Calm down Olav, you were having a nightmare. I've been watching you all night, you've been shouting some pretty unusual things.”

Watching me all night, hmm?”

Bob grinned again, “All night, handsome” as he slowly moved his skeletal hand to his private parts.

Argh!” Olav cried. “Just help me out of bed you monster.” dry-heaving as Bob helped him up.

We're going to see the council today, get dressed, there's clothing on the table over there.” Bob pointed at a set of bright yellow clothing; a short puffed pair of pants, colored with matching tights, a leather vest made of the strangest material resembling fish scales and a bright yellow shirt finished off with a thick collar.

Olav laughed loudly. “You expect me to wear that? That's a joke right?” He eyed Bob who for once appeared to be serious about something. “That's the fashion here, it's very representative too.”

Representative? What am I supposed to represent? The Guild of Braided Beards? The Council of Short People?”

Olav sighed and started putting on the clothing. “Just look away you bag of bones.”

Seconds later Olav called for Bob to turn around and stood as proudly as he could, dressed in blinding colors and flimsy cloth.

Yes well...Ahem, I'm sure that'll do fine.” Bob paused a moment. “It suits you too.”

He tried to hide an outburst of cackling behind a cough.

You don't have lungs, you're dead right?” Olav asked with squinting eyes.

Alright off we go, don't forget your stuff now.” Bob replied hastily.

The End

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