The Pale Stallion

They stepped in and found the interior completely decorated with pink bows and strangely shaped furniture. All the walls were painted with a pink color. Olav held his hands in front of his face, the veins in his eyes almost popping. Behind the bar sat a scrawny old man smoking a cigar.

"Welcome to the Pale Stallion then! Yes? Well very good then!"

Bob still dragging Olav along by the hand approached the man. "We would like to rent a room for the night." The man smiled and nodded

"Yes well, very good then, I see, well that's good, I think I have a room for you, a room with a bed, a bed with a room, yes that I'll have."

Bob slid two silver coins over the counter. "We'd also like some food and drink." The man behind the bar took the coins and deposited them below his tongue. "Food and drink it'll be for you two then, very good! Your room is upstairs second door on the right, I see you don't mind sleeping together." The man dropped a cynical smile at Olav. "It is late old man." Bob nudged the man, "We're going to be taking a seat over there next to that window and we will be expecting some good food."

Bob dragged Olav towards a dark corner of the tavern, the room being completely empty though. They sat down and Bob leaned in towards Olav. "Nice town isn't it? And such nice folk. I tell you, whenever I come here on vacations or business trips I get all warm and fuzzy inside." Olav took his horned helmet off and sat it beside him on the unbalanced table.

"I want to know more Bob, what is happening to me, am I dead?"

"Well that's the whole thing friend, you're not, however you are in the land of the dead, and dead stuff doesn't go well with living stuff."

"But if I'm alive why am I here?"

Bob looked at the table and tried to find anything to toy with. Cracking his bony fingers he replied.

"There's been rumors lately... rumors that the council has tried to keep from going public."

Coming from behind the counter came walking now a large lady with pink bows in her hair and two great platters of food on her hands. She looked as if she was going to break through the floor any time.

"Yoohoo! Your food!" She came screaming. She reached the table and set the food on the table, heaving wildly trying to catch some breath. "Oh my, I haven't walked that far in quite a while! All the way from there to here. "She pointed at the kitchen doors behind the counter, not farther away than fifteen meters. "Enjoy your meal gentlemen, Bloated Rat stuffed with Banana Meat." Bob smiled at Olav but didn't recieve a smile back. Olav had eaten anything he could find back in Hörsebehne, he even went through his wife's foul cooking, but what now sat in front of him on that woggly table brought him close to vomiting. There on the plate lay a large rat, with patches of fur left unremoved, the skin had stretched up enormously and it looked as if it was going to tear any second. The eyes on the abomination were still present but pus came squirting out every now and then. The large woman withdrew back to the kitchen. Olav stared at the two giant rats in front of him. "Well?" Bob questioned. "Is something wrong? Dig in!" Olav gulped and took the large fork next to the plate. Carefully he reached towards the back of the bloated rat and poked it slowly. Then suddenly with a great puff the rat exploded and sank in. Yellowish meat jumped out at Olav's face. That was the last drop and he ran screaming towards the door. Kneeling on the moonlit doorstep of the Pale Stallion sat a man vomiting out all he had, in the distance a wench screeching from a window for him to be quiet.


The End

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