Welcome to Yurplebreach

Bob waved at the man above and took Olav's hand, he sniffed in deeply and smiled. "Ah, the sweet smell of Yurplebreach. Olav wriggled his hand free and ranted at Bob. "You're dead! You don't have any sense of smell! You don't even have a nose!"

Bob shrugged. "No need to get all annnoyed and impolite now." He grabbed Olav's hand again, more firmly this time. "come on let's find you a place to sleep. We'll visit the council about what to do with you tomorrow." Olav looked around and was surprised there existed a place that had uglier inhabitants than Hörsebehne had. Along came passing a man with a great beard, ridden with snot and filth, his long hair looked like a wig and stretched to his knees. He gave the two a strange look upon seeing them holding hands. Olav stared at the man like a child staring at a cat on fire. As the man passed Olav still looked on and saw there were two more eyes behind the man's ears.

Suddenly he felt a bony finger poking his cheek. "Come on, pay attention, I come here often but it seems they keep displacing the taverns." Bob pointed at an old run-down building at the end of the muddy street. "Let's try that one then shall we?"

They walked down the filthy street, Olav still busy staring at the monstrous people all around. The buildings too looked like they were going to break down any second. Some of them being held up by improvised pillars of rocks and other materials. They had reached the tavern now, the building was fairly well maintained compared to the other buildings, and it stood peculiarly apart from the rest. On the front door hang a portrait of a fat woman with pink bows in her hair. Bob grabbed the doorknob shaped like a banana and pulled the door open.

The End

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