The Gates of Yurplebreach

For the remainder of the trek Olav didn't utter a word at Bob. They had now reached a giant gate made of white marble and a stairs at the bottom. Bob helped Olav out of the filth and they approached the gate.

Upon the gate they saw a faint silhouette. 

"Ahoy gatekeeper!" Bob shouted. The figure didn't reply or move. "I said ahoy!" Still no reply came. Olav's face turned red with annoyance and he kicked the gate. Tremors ran through it and the figure now moved, coming down at the two with a great fall. Olav side stepped with a start, the figure now broken apart on the hard ground in front of them. "By the gods above, you place scarecrows on your gates?"

Bob cackled, "ah yes, good old Stiffy" he poked the wooden thing with his bony foot.

From above now came a reply.

"Ahoy there! Is Stiffy alright?!"

"Ahoy gatekeeper! Stiffy is fine, you know how peculiar he can be sometimes!"

Both laughed loudly and Olav eyed the loud conversation with confusion and amazement.

"I'll open the gate for you Bob, just a second!" The man from above shouted.

The gate made an incredibly loud noise, it opened slowly, the cogwheels inside creeking. Olav covered his ears, the fat on his belly trembling. Bob's bony body moved around violently and he tried to keep stable by grabbing on to Olav's face. Finally the gate stopped moving and the voice above rang again. "You can enter now, welcome to Yurplebreach!"

The End

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