A Trip Down the River Barf

The water around the boat looked yellow and foul. Not at all like the water Olav bathed in. He put his hand down into the water and felt the surface, upon pulling it out again and examining his fat-fingered hand he could see traces of slime and rot between his fingers.

Bob saw Olav's wondering face.

"Yes, we're on the river Barf. Anyone unlucky to miss the boat trip ends up in here. They try to cross and find themselves stuck between the weeds. They drown and become part of the slime."

He got up and walked towards Olav, who was still examining the strange substance. He grabbed his shoulder and pushed him towards the edge of the boat. "Don't fall in!" he cackled and helped Olav back to his seat.

A while passed, the only activity being the awkward staring contests between the two.The thick fog around them now dissapeared slowly and made room for a smell Olav had only smelled before after releasing his wife's cooking from his bowels.

"Ah! We're here."

Olav turned around and saw that the boat had crashed into a muddy beach. The two disembarked and almost sank straight away. Mud now reaching to their waists Olav gave Bob a cold glare.

"Well then, let's get moving" Bob cackled.

They waded through the mud with difficulty, the smell still penetrating Olav's nose. "What is this place?!" Olav shouted. "We've reached the city of Yurplebreach Olav. And right now we're wading through the mud of Dragon's Drop." Olav nodded and was now trying to swim through the mud, some of it splashing onto his face and entering his mouth, "I see, is Yurplebreach where we'll find the council of e..." he paused and thought about the name Bob dropped earlier. "Did you say Dragon's Drop?" He shouted at Bob. Bob nodded, "That's right, Dragon's Drop. Dragons like to pass along here and spill anything they ate from the island up yonder." Bob pointed to a small bit of land in the sea that had a big tree on it and flashing yellow, red and purple lights around the tree.

Olav's eyes now widened, nostrils flaring. "Are you telling me we've been swimming in dragon droppings for the past half hour?" Bob nodded, uttering a stoic, dry yes.

"Just a bit further now, we'll be at the gates soon, I can see them in the distance"

The End

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