Destiny's Rowing Boat.

There was sweat on Olav's forehead as he dragged his big plump body through the grassy fields swiftly. He flapped his arms about, realising he was seconds away of getting abused by a minotaur in a dress.

On his face still remnants of cake, he would rather not think what was in that cake anyhow. He ran for miles and miles, till out of breath he plummeted to the ground. There he lay for days. Dreams crept into his mind. He saw his dwarven wife and his impish children screaming for him. His pet dog floating through mid air. The horrific bare-muscled face of it staring at him and taunting him.

Then he woke up with a startle, finding out the grass around him had grown immense through the sweat absorbed through the ground.

In the sky the ball still shone bright. Olav helped himself up and looked around warily. His brows had fallen over his eyes and he tied them together again to see better. The only thing he could do was pick a direction and go that way, hoping to find some clues. He headed north and walked for many more hours. Olav may have been plump but he had the condition of a Mountain Pika. He found no beasts roaming the land. No bird or wolf, or any of the fierce things he fought in Hörsebehne, like his wife. There was complete stark silence and it felt eery to Olav. As his feet were starting to show blisters Olav started to hear a running sound. Like that of a river or creek. He followed the sound and found a fresh springwater river flowing along the grass. There he threw himself in, bathing and drinking.

As he cleaned himself, both mentally and physically, he saw in the distance a boat coming closer and closer. A rowing boat. At closer distance he could see the small vessel bore a hideous figure, Cloaked and red-eyed. The boat was moving alone and the figure itself sat silent and unmoved. Olav jumped out of the water and dressed himself quickly. As the boat passed he started walking beside it and shouted: "Who goes there! Pray stop now before I throw myself on board!" The little boat slowed down speed and docked itself at the edge of the river. The figure still silent. Olav pulled the boat closer to the edge and looked closely at the figure. "Who are you! Speak by the command of Odin, speak!"

The sinister looking figure pulled down it's cloak at the head. Revealing a half rotten, horrifying skull.

The End

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