The Minotaur and the Serpent

At the end of the path the light shone behind a small wooden door. Hanging from it a sign. "Welcome to Barkbane, enjoy your stay." Below it a smaller one: "And don't feed the snake." Olav pushed lightly against the door and it opened slowly with a creek. A field now lay before him, bright green and a clear blue sky above. Olav looked around nervously, he was wondering what the big shiny ball in the sky was, and what of this green tall weed growing in such high quantities. In the middle of the vast field stood a lone cabin, being the only beacon of hope he ran swiftly towards it.

The cabin's chimney was smoking and at the porch sat a figure, dressed in granny clothes on a rocking chair. As Olav approached closer the figure stood up. "Hullo thar!" it shouted at him. It was a big hairy beast, oculars on it's big face and a grand moustache below the snout. This was a minotaur, Olav heard about it in stories told by the elders.

"Where am I" Olav asked fiercely. "You're in Barkbane." the minotaur replied. "But please, come in, you look thirsty and tired." Olav shivered at the deep rough voice, but he was thirsty, and he was tired. How could he decline the offer?

The minotaur gestured politely for Olav to go in. And he did. Inside he found the walls adorned with deer heads and weapons. Two puffy chairs and a blanket in front of a fireplace. Olav felt anything but at ease.

"Please, do take a seat, I'll be back with some refreshments in a jippy" The strange beast walked to the small kitchen. Below it's dress Olav could see something moving. The kitchen door closed and cups could be heard getting filled. A few minutes later the minotaur came out with a platter filled with cake and tea.

Olav managed to finish all of it in a matter of seconds, adding yet more weight to his already abnormally large body. With cake in his mouth he asked the same question he asked earlier, "Where am I minotaur?" The reply a smile, "Barkbane as I said earlier. You are in Barkbane, and you are in the home of the mayor of Barkbane"

Olav sighed, "I need to get out, I need to find my family, or at least some clues as to what happened to them." The minotaur stood up, "there's no way out of Barkbane." he said with an eery tone. "You come here, you stay, and you pay tribute to the serpent." Olav raised an eyebrow, "The serpent?" The minotaur raised the dress and out came slithering a large slippery thing. It wrapped itself around Olav's neck and gripped tightly. Olav battled it for several seconds before reaching for his belt. He took his dagger and cut off the fanged tip. As the tip let loose it released a white liquid and the minotaur screamed in agony.

Olav made a run for it.

The End

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