Ohhh..did i just turn 30?!

Birthdays could either bring feelings of joy and hope or sadness in deleting one more precious year from your lifeline, for women turning 30 is a milestone,less in terms of turning older and wiser but more stressful as it now means spending more money and hours in the parlor to look younger then ever!!...a write up for the scary 30's!

Ohhh….did I just turn 30?!

On my 30th birthday last year, I was thrilled beyond limits to be celebrating it at one of my favourite destinations in world, London. I enjoyed every moment of that day, went to the world famous places and finished it with flowers and a cake. Any woman would want this to happen on her every birthday! Now when I think of it , I realize, that I had infact crossed a milestone in life. The 30’s are here and I have to start preparing for them. Like how one did for the 20’s – preparing for a wedding, a college degree and a fancy job…I had to be ready for the remaining half of my life-  the 30’s.

Often people say that age is the state of mind, I don’t disagree, but I want to question, how many actually feel that way? I felt like I bungee jumped from some highway bridge when I turned 30, scared out of bounds not knowing what was in store in that experience of free falling from such a great height. I felt the air stronger on my face and the blood rushing to my head faster then ever. When it was over, the head was still throbbing out of fear and confusion and the sudden splurge of blood supply and my limbs were all numb cause there was no life in them for a few seconds when I reached to the bottom of the bridge..hanging like a pendulum between life and death. Well, this was exactly how I felt reaching the doors of the next decade, the 30’s.

I am suddenly looked upon as a more wiser person now, not only by the fresher colleagues at the office but my parents as well. I would now have to think twice before playing a dirty nasty prank on my friends for that wouldn’t go with my existing age! That bright orange outfit (which I would have definitely worn to my best friend’s birthday 10 years ago) would look stupid on me if I bought it today. Painting my toe nails with different shades or wearing different earrings would now be disastrous inviting scary glances from the younger ones around. At social functions filled with family there would now be more caution in talking to the new generation for they now expect us to speak a certain  kind of “an elderly language” and not divulge in foolish jokes or conversations aimed to poke fun at cost of others . The shopping list would now have items as undereye creams and wrinkle free lotions for the middle aged woman! Yoga now seems a more rejuvenating experience rather than the previously exciting aerobics course at the swanky gym of the town. No longer the newest songs of the cinema sound pleasant to the ears and the new crop of actors in it seem plain clowns to us. Entertaining oneself by buying old movie’s DVD’s and watching it on a home theatre is the latest desire every weekend rather than visiting malls aimlessly or watching every Akshay Kumar movie first day first show! Spending hundreds of bucks on such “childish and unfulfilling” entertainment would be replaced by visits to heritage places after long drives amidst nature’s serenity and away from the city crowd and its madness. The visits to the family doctor would increase in frequency out of fear of having modern day problems such as diabetes or hypertension. I can go and on with this scary narration of “welcome to the 30’s” write up but it certainly has no intentions to create goosebumps on your still youthful skin (I know most of my friends still have one!). I cant help it, this is how I am preparing for the new decade by being more cautious about what I eat, drink, do and buy every single day.

The doctor recommends more calcium and iron tablets to start replenishing the decreasing bone density and the lady at the parlor suggests various expensive face masks to cure those untimely dark circles or dry and patchy skin tones. Long ago there went a chic saying – life begins when you hit the 40’s, many of our present day actors are sure living upto it but in real life it takes a lot to even face the 30’s. Gone are those lovely days when you would coyly reveal your age to the handsome dentist or to an interview panel going through your resume. The same panel now gets alarmed when they see those 2 digits on your front page, AGE:30. They try their level best to convince that the job on hand is a very tiring one, so please think over it, call us back in two days to let know whether you would be able to do it or not…what rubbish, in short they mean, we want a fresh vibrant 22 year old for this place, old man!

Travelling takes a backseat during these years cause every walk or climb to a hill takes the light years out of me! I have to pre plan visits (which were prompt and sudden as a college kid) to the hometown or even the nearest grocery store to avoid those month long backaches (only cured by smelly gel’s) and strained limbs. Journey’s in trains and buses on short notice cant be done anymore as it just saps me out of energy seated in awkward stiff seats for hours together. Today its tough to believe how I effortlessly managed to report to my office the same morning I arrived after a 12 hour overnight journey in a bus just a few years ago. It was plain adventure, nothing else. It was never enough attending numerous birthday parties at the city restaurants having tons of food and talking hours together, today the same thought of eating and talking non stop for hours shakes me up roughly! I would rather curl up in my warm bed and read a novel instead of wearing lots of makeup and jewellery, trying to look the best at the umpteenth party of the month.

There is something to being a part of the gang of the 30’s…something uncomfortably true…in your face. I find that there are more “do’s and don’t’s” in this decade then it was in the 20’s. I would never be OK with telling my age to anybody from now on and that itself makes me dislike it altogether. Somehow that excitement while you turned 16 or 18 or even 25 just isn’t there when you turn 30. As they say, being mid-way is always confusing and irritating, aptly named as the midlife crisis. You neither confirm to the old generation ahead of you or to the younger one which is right behind you. There has to be a balance, more of the body and mind, which can only take us through this decade pretty successfully. A balance I wish to discover in each day I live (cautiously) inching towards my next birthday…




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