“You’ll be seeing death in all its forms from time to time from now on. Some of the exercises won’t be as humorous as today’s. Remember; your diagnosis needs to be done and turned in to me before Friday this week. I know its lot of work to get done, but I know you can do it. We’ve been over the material and while challenging, I’m sure you have everything you need to get it done on time.” He waived his hand back and forth over his head. “Good luck and we’ll see you in a few days!”

Chairs were propelled backward, books and papers harvested into baskets of fleshy arms and hands and what seemed to the professor as quicker than usual; the classroom emptied.

Preston Ambrose watched the last of the "doctors" leave and the door close for almost the last time as he removed his lab coat. Tossing it across the desk in front of him, he found Clarissa’s remote and pressed two buttons simultaneously.  

Taking a seat at the desk, he squirmed until he found a comfortable position, and began making the required notes concerning the team’s psychological reaction to their first simulated death.

Meanwhile, Clarissa slowly transcended the bounds of death and arrived back in the world of the living; sitting up and looking at the Professor sitting comfortably at his desk.  

It took about ten seconds for her to load the entire personality profile. “Pathetic!” she said loudly. “FREAK!  Nothing but a big freak!”

“Is that how you felt about today’s session Clarissa?” he asked.

“Yeah, pretty much! Well certain parts of it anyway Doc!” she said, smiling broadly. “Hey, you know that guy, uhmm, I think his name is Matt - He went right under my dress doc. I think that was pretty freaky don’t you? That hasn’t happened in approximately three-hundred and fifteen days!”   

Dr. Ambrose continued making notes as she debriefed. “I’ll make note of that Clarissa, thank you for mentioning it,” he said, as he scratched his nose and looked in his lab pocket for his glasses.

“I’m not sure, but I think he saw all of me down there!” she said. “He was fiddling around for approximately 54 seconds.”

Ambrose looked knowingly at Clarissa. He found exactly what he thought he would. Clarissa’s face contained a broad smile and her cheeks were flushed. “Now Clarissa, you’re not allowed to interact in any way by making physical associations with these students,” Dr. Ambrose said, shaking his finger and scolding her.  “You know that comes much later in their training.”

“I really love fu*king with them Doc. I know we need to determine if they can disassociate themselves from a sexually charged patient, but boy is that fun!” she said; slowly rubbing the fleshy silicone mound between her thighs.  

“Anyway, you’d probably scar them for life emotionally, you lovely bitch! Stop that will you please!” he said. She let out a frustrated “Hmmpff”, and let her legs drop down on the table and together again. He didn’t need to ask her about her feelings about performing that activity. He didn’t have the time for it anyway and knew full well that her programming allowed this interaction. She was testing him as well as the students and he could only imagine what moral collegial body was reading those internal logs!  

“Hey, he made physical contact with me Doc! That’s for sure! But I didn’t return that activity with a smile. Nope! Based on his maturity level as a physician, I frowned and told him in no uncertain terms to please stop immediately. I think he was a little shocked. Let’s see what he does with that okay. I’ll let you know if he ever does anything like that again. I think his curiosity got the better of him today.”  

“Hmmm.” he mumbled. “Was he the only one? Any of the ladies take a peek?” he asked.

Clarissa continued - “Sarah. You know the blond. I thought she was going to explode when Matt did that. She was really upset with him. Especially when he touched me! She pulled his arm away. I think we’re going to need a few more samples of behavior from both of those two in order to infer a diagnosis Doc. They seem to have something physical going on. I’d put them both into in a free associative projective test okay. You’re going to find out more about them quicker that way.” 

Finding his glasses, and sliding them onto his face. “Point well taken dear,” he said; making notes next to Sarah’s and then Matt’s names.

“Remember about three semester’s ago; Randy did the same thing. Obviously, we need to pay some attention to Matt’s past. I’m certain you’re aware of the studies indicating abused children tend to exhibit more sexualized doll play than non-abused?”

He didn’t answer, but instead focused on completing what notes he could remember.

Clarissa shrugged, “No, none of the females looked at me this time.”, and then wriggled to the edge of the lab table; holding on with both hands, she swung her bare legs back and forth – rocking a little and thinking to herself. “Now, Patti, she needs a BDI, don’t you think? She seems pretty withdrawn at times and it could be a sign of depression. I think we’ll need to determine how deep that goes with her Preston.”

He looked at Clarissa and considered her conclusion for a moment. “Well I really hadn’t noticed today. I’ll get Steven to set something up with her on the pretense that it’s just standard research okay. I’ll ask him to use the two-factored approach.” He made another note.

She snapped her fingers; “Yep, that should work. We can adjust to suit her needs,” she said, scooting herself quickly off the lab table and walking to the front of the desk.  

“Now, today we introduced them to two specific target behaviors right? So let’s go through the baseline and sequences of interactions for the day okay?” she said.

“Well, I’d really prefer you to send those to me instead; and while you’re at it, can you also send a list of all the questions each one asked you today and your responses. Then, I’m going to need your inference summary for each student so we can complete this assessment. Okay?”

“Right! Can do Doc!” she said as she plopped down on the corner of the desk and went still. Her eye’s looked straight ahead. She processed the request while Ambrose continued making notes from memory next to each student’s name. He liked to compete with Clarissa to see if he could get close to noticing and recording as much information as she did during class. It was never really even close, but it made him feel a lot better to at least give it a try. It was however, a fairly rare occasion when he drew a different conclusion regarding a student than Clarissa did. They were pretty well suited to each other and clinically proficient.

Clarissa’s eyes began to blink. “All done Doc! I formatted the reports according to your usual request and sent them to your in-basket okay?”

“Wonderful job dear!” he said with a smile. She smiled back. They stared at each other for a split second.

Professor Ambrose patted his stomach, “Hey, I think I’m going to have an early dinner. I’m kind of hungry today for some reason. See you later kid!”

“Bye Professor. Keyword accepted.” she said to no one in particular as he grabbed his lab coat and walked straight to the door. Clarissa waved, then turning; she walked into a nearby closet and shut the door.

As Preston Ambrose walked through the door, and closed it behind him; he heard Clarissa say the same thing she did every day. “AC Power consumption initiated.”

As he walked briskly down the hall, he took it for granted that she was at that moment, pulling a thin cord from the waistband of her skirt and plugging in for the night – at least her needs were met.   

The End

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