oh the joys of online messaging!

im experimenting with what i think is a totally new style of writing.
basically, its a msn conversation. believe it or not, this is what my friends and I talk about. but we want YOU to help write it! thought of something good to add? then do it!

this is an rpg stroy YOU write. you are now signed in as Fluffyfish.

-Robin =P- logged in

Robin =P:  Hey! your on early 0.0

Flufflfish: Yh, got my hw done tonight early. are u always on this early?

Robin =P: yush, the teachers cant be bothered teaching my class, so we barely get any hw.

Robin =P: except maths, that teacher's evil. Giving us so much to do on tigger's theorem.

Flufflyfish: tigger?

Robin =P: thats what I call pythogras. dosent it sound much cuter? =3

-Mimi logged in-

Mimi: oh, your both on?

Fluffyfish: yes, we're discussing tigger's theorem.

Mimi: oh yea, its too dull -_-

Fluffyfish: rly? u understand? 0.o

-Robin =P has changed her status to away. "Must eat pancakes..."-

Fluffyfish: ¬.¬  pancakes?

Mimi: she likes pancakes.

Mimi: oh no! giant squirrel attack!

-Mimi has changed her status to busy. "fighting and army of giant squirrels."-

Fluffyfish: 0.0

Fluffyfish: ¬.¬

-Robin =P changed her status to avaliable-

Robin =P: yum, pancakes truely are great with mustard

Robin =P: not mustard, marmalade. I mix those two up a lot.

Fluffyfish: Mimi went to fight some giant squirrels *rolls eyes*

Robin =P: alone???

Robin =P: we must go help her!

The End

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