Chapter TwoMature

“Come on Jenny, nothing happened, I swear!” I ignored his voice as I continued walking, trying not to think about the rain and how quickly it had penetrated through my cloths to my helpless skin.
“Jenny!” A hand grabbed me by the shoulder and I spun round, slapping so hard my hand stung after.
“Leave me the hell alone,” I whispered. Then I turned and kept walking. Trying not to remember what I'd just seen. Brandon had told he was going to have a few drinks with friends after work and I didn't mind, he always did. Then I convinced myself to dress up and surprise him. It's been a while since we'd done anything new. Only when I walked in I found another girl all over him. The fact he tried to claim nothing happened made me laugh. I'd seen him kiss her, and yeah, just a kiss. But there wasn't exactly any distance between their bodies. I shook with anger, wondering how many other girls like that they had been. The nerve of the guy, I should go back and slap him harder. But he was long gone, back in the pub I guessed. I glanced up at the sky and the dark clouds. The rain wouldn't stop anytime soon. I stopped at the bus station and waited for one that was heading to my area. I could see the bus driver give me a sympathetic look as he took him my drenched state and smeared make-up. I sent him an unnecessary glare. I wasn't after anyones sympathies. I just needed to be left alone.

The first thing I did when I got home was strip the ruined new dress off and toss in the bin. No reminders thank you very much. I threw my jacket into the washing basket. I showered and pulled on some PJ's and glanced at my phone. I knew there would be messages on it. But the first one I heard wasn't what I expected.
Jennifer, pick up now! Damn, look, you have a scientific degree of some kind right? Well get your ass to work, and fast!
I watched the phone for a few seconds then cut it off when I heard Brandon's voice. I hesitated then changed again, remembering a coat and my umbrella. Sometimes it sucked having a broken down piece of crap for a car. I waited for the next bus impatiently. Thankful it wasn't the same driver as I paid my fare. As I sat down I wondered what could be so serious...

My job wasn't exactly exciting. I was just a PA to one of the local MP's, which I guess some would say is interesting but it wasn't what I wanted when I was growing up. I's wanted to study the stars. I quickly pressed the stop button as I saw the town hall building draw closer. I got off and walked in. Instantly I was assaulted by voices in one of the nearby rooms. Sandra walked past, saw me and let out one heck of a sigh of relief.
“Thank god, Tony's been going crazy waiting for you. He refuses to listen to any of the top scientist's. Insisting he'll hear your opinions first.”
“My opinions? About what?” I asked as I hung up my coat and dumped my umbrella.
“Follow me,” She said as she led the way to the room filled with shouting. Tony was there, his face red and his fist clenched.

“Look, the big guys in Washington and other places say this thing is going to land here when they shoot it down. Which is fine by me, but if they think they can take complete control after their mistaken. We will play our part in this. I want to know everything about the craft and whatever the hell is on board,” He yelled, thumping his fist onto the table. Shaking everyone into silence.
“Jennifer!” He yelled as he saw me, “You have a science degree, you'll be able to tell me something if you join the team investigating this!”
“...I have a degree, but it's in astrology. I don't know a thing about biology or chemistry or how things work,” I said. And he faltered.
“Well, It's still related enough. You'll just report what's going on. I've already pulled every string and your part of the thing now anyway,” He said, turning his attention to someone else on the table.
“What thing?” I asked, growing impatient. He may be my boss, but being signed onto anything without my consent pissed me off just a tiny bit.
“The spaceship headed towards our planet,” he replied. I gave him a wide-eyed stare, he had to be kidding. But the resolute on his and all his governor’s faces told me they were dead serious.

The End

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