Chapter OneMature

I watched the all-embracing galaxy as we passed through it. Some of these stars were unknown dominion, but it wouldn't be the first time we've travelled through those kind of territories.
“I can't believe the elders agreed to this, we've seen the humans before when they were far more undeveloped and they chased us out. Calling us demons and heretics. God knows what they can do to us now,” Sari muttered beside me. She was focussed on all the blinking lights and dials on the front board. I didn't know a thing about navigation so I left her to it. Choosing not to respond, because I knew no matter what I said she wouldn't care. She was right though, humans did push us away when originally tried to make contact with them long before I was born. It was a part of history ingrained in my mind. Purely because I then realised that the star was there's. And as far as our knowledge was concerned, humans were the only species in that solar system. I still hoped maybe my calculations were wrong. But as we drew closer to their region it only harden the belief that it was their star. Their small corner of the universe.

Humans were young that first time, maybe things have changed. Maybe that's why I felt such a strong connection to a complete stranger on the other side of the galaxy. It was the only explanation. True, our kind share thoughts like we do air, but none of us had the ability to reach such a distance. Something wanted me to find that human, whoever they are.
“Your forgetting that the only reason big old commander got permission to do this is probably because he's the nephew of one of the elders,” Carlis said, coming up the small steps and into the main room. He was covered in various oil stains from checking on the engine.
“The elders don't let personal feeling cloud their judgement,” I said. Trying to shield my anger from their reach. I was pretty sure it didn't work based on the smug grin on Carlis' face.
“Commander's are meant have perfect control over their emotions, but I bet your privileged existence let you skip a few requirements to get the title,” He continued. I gritted my teeth. Feeling my canine dig into my gums.
“Carlis, go do something useful,” Sari said before Carlis could continue his petty words.

“He is right, Kez. We're only here because you have pull,” Sari whispered quietly. We shared a wordless glance.
Even so, we need to go there...
So you keep telling us, but if my brother gets hurt I won't forgive you.
Sari broke the mental contact, turning her white eyes to the navigation board. I let out a long sigh and left the room. I heard Carlis curse as a piece of metal disagreed with him. The throb of pain in his wrist reached me and I grimaced. Sometimes being a race that could share emotions and thoughts was a pain.
“Rwanda!” I yelled, sending out a probing mental thought too. I heard a muffled sound the other side of the door and the morning confusion started to crowd my mind so I snapped the connection shut. I didn't need to know what he'd dreaming about. The embarrassment emanating through the walls told me more than enough.
“I'm up,” He muttered and I heard a loud crash, “Ow.”
“Idiot,” I said loudly before opening the door, regardless. He was half dressed, luckily the lower half, not that I hadn't seen it all before.

“Hey!” he yelled, cheeks blushing as he quickly pulled on a top. I looked away, trying not to think about the beautiful marking on his chest. We all had the same pale skin covered with random black shapes. Some people had graceful patterns, other had harsh, plain lines. Rwanda definitely was the prettiest guy I'd ever met.
“You realise your thought are wide open for everyone on board to read?” Rwanda said, grinning. He was fully clothed. I glared and walked out of his room and headed back to the main boardroom. Everyone who hadn't been on the night shift were waking up. Admittedly we were a small group. The twins Sari and Carlis from earlier. Rwanda who was my only childhood friend. All the others found me weird for being so obsessed with a star in the sky. There was also Kimartis, she handled all the food and medicine. Not that we were going to get hurt, I hoped.

Then me, Kezlewin, Kez for short. In all honesty I'd expected the elders to stop this, to call me foolish for not letting go of a childish fantasy. But they let this happen and I wasn't going to complain. As we neared the solar system I could feel the connection strengthen. It had been growing so weak these past years, I was worried I'd never be able to track down it's source. But I could sense the person better than ever. A female human and she was sad.

The End

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