Oh, StarMature

Honestly no clue where I'm going with this, I do have an alien story, but this is kind of a practise with the genre, since I don't have much. Hope you enjoy whatever I do with it :)
Partially inspired by the song "Oh, Star" by Paramore, hence the name.


There was a girl who starred up at the night sky. Her chocolate brown eyes watched as clouds parted and the pinpoints of light shown down. She was still too young to understand science and chance. All she knew was there was one star that always caught her eye. And a small part of her was certain someone else was there, their own eyes drawn to where she was, as much as she was to theirs.
She believed it deep in her soul. But that was her child-like imagination. At least that's what she told herself as she grew older and “reality” set in. As she went through school with it's taunting bullies and all the girls prettier than her. As she endured college because that's what society expected her to do. She struggled through university, only to find herself in a job she hated. Because she couldn't be picky when everyone was fighting for the same jobs.
Now when she looks up at the night sky, it's with tired, weary eyes. She barely passes a thought to that familiar little star, blinking away in spite of the lamp posts around her. But the one on the other side of the looking glass was not so forgetful....

The End

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