Life As We Knew It 6-10

Miranda gets very excited when she receives a phone call from her father, and to begin the chapter off, she hears her father's phone through the phone. I feel as if I could relate, because my parents have been split up and I don't get to see him as often as people with married parents do. She lives with her mom and her brother and often thinks about her father and is especially worried about ever seeing him again, after the disasters taking place everywhere. Little did she know, he and  his new wife, Lisa, come to visit. 

Through these disasters, it's really brought the family down and become departed as a "team". My family and I have gone through times similar, but not as terrible as their situations. For example, my stepfather career revolves around the oil industry, and recently, the oil has become worth less, meaning we had to save more, spend less. In Miranda's situation, the disasters have become so bad that food and needed survival items are scarce. So now, they had to stock up, save more. 

Miranda and her family are endeavoring their hardest to stay calm and ignore the fact that there are natural disasters happening all over the globe. Not to mention, the moon is now tilting and much closer than ever before. And now, there is ash on the sun! What next? 

When Miranda and her mother found out about the volcanos, they were very concerned about Miranda's grandmother. Her grandmother lives and Las Vegas and Las Vegas was currently covered and drowning  with ash, due to the volcanic eruption in Las Vegas. I believe they've been pretty calm, while adapting to end of the world. They act as if it's any other regular day. Get dressed, daily routines, and sleep like there's no tomorrow, literally. 

I agree with the text during the religion aspect of this novel. There are a million religions in the world, meaning that one certain religion has a very slim chance of actually being real. Megan believes everything is happening, because God has good plans. Miranda responded with the fact that obviously God didn't love her, because if he did, she'd have food to eat. Instead, she starving, while Sammi is with a forty year old man her promised her the world and will get her food. Though, according to recent studies, it is impossible for this disaster to become reality, and that's why it's fiction. 

In this reading, the disasters have caused portions of people to believe that these disaster to happen because of God's future plans, others believe it's happening because of scientific proven events. In the world today, people think the economy is completely going downhill, and others' believe their religion leader has positive future plans for them and their family. Megan think God has plans for the future, Miranda thinks the world is pretty much ending. 

Throughout these disasters, there is scientific proof, behind the cause of each catastrophe. The tsunamis were caused by the tides, which were caused by the moon. The moon affects the tides and due to the fact that the moon isn't exactly in the correct place, lots of bad things are happening. I personally believe this is the only correct reasoning behind all of these negative events. But that could also be because I don't get into religion very much and others do. Once people, like Megan, explained their train of thought, I had some sympathy for their beliefs, but I still stuck with my personal opinion, which is facts. 

I do believe that my thoughts on the world ending are much different. In this novel, I realize the different courses the world goes through leading to disasters and I learned how each disaster can affect people, globally. 

I do appreciate how they mention all of the science aspects, instead of being very bland and getting to the point. Many books are too science fiction and aren't as detailed as this text. Reading this has given me a better understanding of the possibilities that are yet to come.

This reading would be considered an entertainment type book. It's took factual to be a book of art. Artistic books go above and beyond the normal brain thinking level and give you multiple possibility outcomes. They also make you curious and somewhat confused throughout the book. In this book, it states the facts that have caused the events and act as if it's in the real world, from the aspect of a normal teen girl. It's entertaining to some, because it's, in a way, informing us on what life would be like if the asteroid really hit earth.

I think this novel has a lot of unneeded, unimportant, boring information that I could care less about, which makes the book sort of drag on. The text isn't very formal and I've spotted quite a few mistakes, and it seems as if a child wrote the text. The concept of the book is a great idea, but I believe somebody more sophisticated should have wrote this. I'm not really interested in this novel at all. Some people say it gets better, but I'd like to disagree. If we weren't forced to read this, I would never read this novel.

In an event like this, survival items become rare and difficult to find, meaning, if you have a lot of money, and a nice house, you'll have a better chance of someone trying to break in. Since people knew what was going to happen before it happened, I would spend a large amount of money on house protection and a lot of canned goods. If this plan failed, I would simply become no one. In the Game Of Thrones, Arya, a female character, tries to become a murderer, but in order to do so, she first must become no one. No, I'm not implying that I want to become a killer, but I do want to be in the shadows. If times become too difficult, I eventually will start living like most people did in the olden days. Also, I would probably start stealing, but since nobody would know me, they wouldn't know who to find. 

Eventually, if life started becoming this difficult, people would go insane and start killing people for survival, because people are selfish and only think of themselves. If someone attempted to kill me, I would then fight back. Miranda and I have similar ideas on how to react to the disasters. I would treat the day like any other, unless I, or someone I knew was in danger.

A quote I think is provoking and very important to the reader:

“I wonder if I'll ever have to decide which is worse, life as we're living or no life at all.”

The End

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