The Earth Goddess

"Okay, I like the knealing, but not crazy bout the m'lady part, call me Terralin." For a moment there was silence. Then, the snake people disolved into a yellow powder, which then evaporated into nothingness. That did not happen. In fact it's illogical and partially insane to bealieve it had taken place. In theory, I had myself convinced, however some part of my mind, the part my earlier words had come from whispered, It did happen and shall happen more. Freaky. I turned on my heel to go bac inside to try to write the paper that's beginning refused to reveal itself to me when, in the corner of my eye I  saw a brilliant flash of light behind me.
"I hate it when Sola has me to her work for her." A feminan voice whined from behind me. I turned.
"Everyone's talking about Sola! Sola says, I hate when Sola... Is she like a new actress or something?" The girl I was now facing laughed. She had whispy wind-blown looking hair. She was my height with eyes gray like the sky.
"Sola is not an actress. She is much more crucial to the survival of humanity than one."
"Who are you?" 
"I'm Linna. You don't recognize me?"
"Should I?"
"Just thought you would..." She trailed off. "Ugh, well don't want to piss off Sunny. Better just tell you now."
"Tell me what?"
"You are the earth goddess."
"OMFG! As if." And the insanity continues..... 

The End

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