Oh. My. Goddesses.

The world is ruled not by God but by Goddesses. 10 to be exact. The Sun Goddess, the moon goddess, the goddess of order, the goddess of disorder, the goddess of content, the goddess of discontent, the goddess of water, , the goddes of fire, the goddess of air, and the newest, the goddes of earth. It's not easy to be the new kid. It's even harder to be the new goddess.

I looked up to the gray sky. It made me feel sad. I crossed that out. The sky was gray, the same color as my heart. Too sappy, i thought, then proceded to cross that out too. I couldn't start this paper. I dropped my ugly yellow pencil on my desk and stood up. My brown hair flopped into my face. I walked outside, hoping the biting winter air would clear my mind. The road and the sky matched, with small flakes of snow going from one to the other. I took one sure step onto the frozen ground and stubby yellow tufts of grass outside of the dreary apartment I called home. As soon as my foot made contact with the dirt I felt a wave of calm and clarity fall over me. I closed my eyes and listened. A police cars siren. A dog or two baying in the distance. The sound of a van going over the manhole just down the street. the sound of the van getting closer. The sound of the car stopping on the strret to my side. the sound of car doors opening. Footsteps. Something felt wrong. My eyes flew open. There were two burly men walking towards me. Their eyes were slits, like those of a snake. I didn't know who they were but I had a feeling they were not here to discuss pluto no longer being a planet.
"Are you ssssure ssssssshe isssss of the clothhhhhhe?" One hissed to the other. Like, seriously, hissed. Like, if snakes could talk that's how they would sound.
"Luna and Sssssssola are ssssssssure and that issssss enough for me." The other hissed in reply.They advanced menacingly. I was now sure these people cared nothing about pluto. I planded my feet soidly on the solidified earth. What happened next suprised the snake-men and me.
"Halt! Or feel the wrath of the Lady of the Earth!" My voice sounded regal. Godly even.
"Sssssssshe issssssss." One said. They advanced more rapidly.
"I said halt!" I yelled my voice solid as the earth below me. AS if things couldn't get any weirder fist sized rocks began flying it a funnel around me. The snake people backed up then knelt on one knee before me, heads bowed.
"M'lady." They hissed in sync. My life is offically insane.  

The End

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