"Oh Lord"

The new God app that is available on all stores. Just explore it on your favorite device: Android, Apple, Windows. Just a few clicks and it will connect you to the almighty of your choosing. Explore your own faith or take advantage of other Gods who might be more lenient.
Do it now and experience faith like you never did before. Download the "Oh Lord" app now.

In our ever expanding mobile age
there's now even an app for God
Available on all the play stores
conveniently titled "Oh Lord"

The application is very versatile
caters to all denominations
no matter your predilections
connects you to your destination

the price is really nominal
towards the hosting of the service
even god has to depend on hardware
offshored, but you'll hardly notice!

With just a swipe of your finger
with the almighty come face-to-face
With privacy air your concerns
and electronically receive his grace!

Why is this any different?
than praying to a force unseen
So what if this god was electronic?
Could it stop you from believing?

The power in now your hands
and you can access it anywhere
Customized for every individual
preloaded with meaningful prayers

Before ye condemn this as mockery
think about where our world is going
The way we interpret our faith
shall be the cause of our undoing

The End

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