Two Families Collide

Gripping on to her brother and the horse at the same time, Honora pressed her eyes shut against the oppressive hurt that flared against her muscles. Darkness enveloped her senses and she was glad the beast could distinguish path from cliff for she could not. Outside her home, a light swayed in the strong wind and a silhouette passed across the window swiftly before the door was thrown open. Davit raced down the path and Honora sobbed out what had happened. 

"Get the doctor." She was told as her father took his son from the horse and rushed with him inside. Not having time to think about it, Honora turned the horse around and carried on down the track.

Aidian groaned as he came to. His upper chest felt weighted as if with chains and his head felt as if he had been at the inn with his friends. 

"Hush, my darling." Came a familiar voice and the feeling of cold water on a sponge as it passed across his forehead and neck. 

Despite the pain the light caused him, he opened his eyes.

"How are you feeling?" Novia smiled tenderly down from his bedside. 

"Honora? Where is she?" He pulled himself upright, his shoulders screaming as the scars were torn open.

"Lie still! She is fine, the doctors are with her now."

"Doctors? Why? What happened?" His brown eyes flared in concern. 

"Nothing they cannot solve." She replied firmly. 

"What happened? Tell me now, Novia, or so help me I will cut you down!" The girl stared at him in shock, she had never seen him so distressed nor heard him talk like that before. 

"She passed out, from the cold as you did from pain." She stuttered.

Ignoring the bandages that were meant to restrict his movements, he launched himself from the bed and ambled weakly through to the hallway where he let himself into his sister's room. 

"Honora." He murmured. 

Her frail form was encased in blankets as she smiled blearily from under them, the fever burning out of her earthy eyes. Spilling around her, her copper hair was dull and stuck together in clumps of soil. He hated to see her so still. 

"Son, are you well?" Teria appeared from the swarm of three healers. 

"As well as is to be expected." His right arm was suddenly supported by a gentle touch and he looked down to perceive Novia whom he smiled at, "I love you."

"And I you, now rest or it shall be me taking swipes at you." She joked but there was an edge of seriousness to her laughter. Rarely were two so surprisingly matched than those two. 

The End

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