Ash's Catch

He measured his breathing, slow, countable breaths, not even the leaves were allowed to move and he was concealed behind them; if he wanted to prove his worth to his father, he had to make sure the leaves stayed still. Slipping up to his back, his practised hand slid against an arrow which he knocked silently into his bow and pulled back the string. Brown eyes focusing on the young doe at the edge of the herd, he loosed the arrrow and it caught her flank before she dropped, strugging to the ground. The rest of the herd were gone before Ash had got to his feet, but they did not matter anymore.

He sliced the beast's throat, the hot blood staining the hide. Hobbling the front legs together, Ash slung the rope over his shoulder and began the long walk home. Finally, he woul dbe a man.

His large home came into sight; one main room, it was well known in the village that Sithel and Sovia had always been rather wealthy, apparently overnight but no one ever asked why nor did they care to know for it was a time that knowing someone's background could be dangerous for both parties. Sovia came out of the front door and immediately called for Sithel.

The two men paunched the carcass before Sovia went in with her knife to skin the animal, saving the hide for their winter coats and butchering it to get the most meat possible from the animal. Ash cleaned his arrows outside the house and Novia, his older sister, came to see him.

"Good catch, brother." Her brown hair was in a loose bun, some stray strands framing her plain face. It was true that Novia was not deemed beautiful for her figure was too strong to be feminine as she enjoyed fighting with her specialised weapon; a metal pole with daggers at either end. Still, she had a gentle temperment and was very caring.

"Ah soon you will not need me to catch you food, you will have a husband to serve you anything you desire on silver platters." He chuckled.

"Ah you can jest Ash, but you never know."

"Perhaps I should tell him to hurry up then." He stuck his tongue out at her.

"Perhaps you should." Suddenly she was serious, her brown eyes turning sombre.

"Novia?" He got up from his crouched position.

"It's fine, I am just impatient."

Quickly, she paced back into the house, her cream dress sweeping behind her.


The End

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