One Quick Escape

A beautiful horse stood, ready in waiting, in the stables; as white as the moon from human eyes and as strong as a cart horse. Amina trotted up to the beast and stroked his velvety nose. running her hands down his neck and over his flank so the horse shivered under her touch. The two were closely bonded, having fled Amina's homeland together and escaped numerous perils; they owed each other their lives.

"You'll have to be fast again, my friend. We cannot live through it if we are caught this time." Amina inhaled. Capture meant death; this time, there would be no escape. 

With no more words, the woman saddled the horse and piled all she would need in the saddle bags then ducked behind the old accumulation of boxes and everything else to retrieve items she had hidden decades ago when she first met Varana and her husband. Amina had lived with the couple for so many decades that her immortality had rubbed off on them, they too aged little. At the memories, Amina shuddered. 

Digging under the pile, she drew out the items. One was her sword and the scabbard, both silver and with intricate patterns wrought onto the handle as decoration; neither had the slightest hint of rust or damage because of the enchantments placed upon them. Second were her long ivory bow and quiver filled with swan-fletched arrows. Then her shield, also silver, and slightly dented. And finally, the small silver broach her kin wore in times of war; a tiny tree entwined in thorns in the idea that good could come out of violence. This she slipped in the bottom of the saddle bags; as long as her people sided with Anthirad, she would not fight for them.

Without pausing to think about anything else, she leapt agilely onto Mercury and walked him out of the stables and into the courtyard outside the inn. Wrapped in a silver cloak, Amina could not be seen as Varana and her husband came to see her off. Varana handed her some food which Amina packed in the saddle bags; it was unnecessary for she could forage herself. 

"Here." The innkeeper's wife handed her a silver band which Amina slipped on under the cloak so as not to reveal her glowing arm, "I have one too. No matter what, so long as this is close to us, we shall be able to contact each other."

"Goodbye, Amina, it has been our pleasure to house you." Varana's husband bowed.

"I only wish my immortality could remain with you."

"All good things must come to an end, dear one. We are ready." He took his wife's hand and squeezed it. The love made Amina wince, it had been decades. 

"Farewell then. Thank you, for everything."

With that she turned Mercury towards the surrounding hills and sped off, eager to be far away so the villagers would not target her friends. 

The End

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