Oh How The Tables Have Turned

Amina is a Lunar Essence, created when moonbeams from a blue moon hit a certain lake in Amina's homeland. They radiate a blue glow and heat.

"So it is true then." Amina spoke, her pale forehead resting on the wall.

"Aye." Varana, the innkeeper's wife sat on a small chair by the flickering fire. 

"Why?" She implored, pressing her eyes shut.

Varana could only shake her head, a gesture Amina missed but understood all the more. 

"This means I shall have to leave, sweet Varana."

"No, child. Stay here, we know you are none like your kin." The middle aged women bent forwards from her perch, anxiety contorting her body as it willed. 

"And what happens when they come here?" Amina's grey eyes flashed at the inn keeper as she whirled around to face her. 

"We shall tell them you went to the mountains."

The young woman laughed and stalked back to the open window, lifting her hand to the glass and watched the strange blue glow that was her kin's alone shimmer in her reflection. All the warmth she radiated meant little; she was frozen inside.  

"No, my glow cannot go unnoticed. I shall take Mercury, travel lightly and go somewhere, anywhere. In this you cannot sway me." 

Knowing her friends way, Varana bowed her head in acknowledgement and allowed Amina to leave the room.

Slowly, the innkeeper's wife followed. 

The End

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