Oh come on now - really?

Fogell shook his mop of wet hair, spraying droplets everywhere. He looked up at Adelaide with an odd look on his face.

"Uuuh ... what happened? I vaguely remember something about a fire, and before that you were on top ... " his eyes  began to roll up at the thought of her body on top of his.

Without warning, Adelaide strolled over to Fogell and gave him a hard open handed slap upside the head. Her jaw set in a strong masculine manner, her voice went deep, and she somehow sprouted a deep black curly moustache.

"Snap out of it kid! Stop fainting at the mere thought of getting close to this girl. You're more girl than she is. Grow a backbone you lily livered ninnie!"

She yelled at him, or at least her mouth yelled at him. The rest of her face didn't even remotely resemble Adelaide's. Fogell gawked in total confusion. He knew she had just slapped him, but she didn't look or sound like Adelaide. He couldn't think straight - he couldn't breathe. He wondered if maybe passing out repeatedly sucked extra oxygen out of him.

Nancy watched this bullying event from a short distance, the empty water pitcher still in her hand. She had never known Adelaide to be mean to Fogell, but then she had never known her friend to grow an instant black curly moustache, either.

"Get up, you sickly weakling!" the not-Adelaide-or-even-a-girl-person screamed at the boy on the floor, as she drifted him in the rear with her well aimed hiking boot. Fogell yowled in pain as he rubbed his rump.

Nancy wasn't the most socially aware person, but she did recognize violence from watching her parents fighting, and she didn't like it. She didn't like it a lot. She looked at her poor battered friend on the floor, then at the not-Adelaide-person, then at the pitcher in her hand. A light bulb of an idea lit up brightly inside her head for a single second, then shattered. Without thinking it through, or without even the ability to think it through, she ran to the sink, filled the pitcher full of water, then ran up behind Adelaide, and dumped the entire thing on her head.

Adelaide's head did a 360 turn to face Nancy, but her body stayed facing the other way. She cocked one bushy black eyebrow and spoke with utter disbelief.

"Oh come on now - really?"

Nancy fainted.  

The End

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