Wit’s eyes bulged as the thing lunged for him, claws outstretched. It gripped his shoulders and began to drag him towards the counter. Dim ran to help, grabbing Wit’s waist. The thing was stronger, and Wit was dragged further towards the counter, despite Dim’s efforts.

“Fogell, come help me” she looked around and saw the boy's limp body. Stupid boy, he always had to faint, didn’t he?

Adelaide moved over to help, while Nancy just stood and watched. She grabbed Wit’s waist and tried to help Dim pull him away from the thing. It dug its claws further into his shoulders, ripping into the flesh. Wit screamed in pain.

“Nancy, get water!”

Nancy moved slowly, craning her neck to keep one eye on the action. She began filling a jug of water, but missed the jug and soaked her arm. Jerking around, she noticed her damp sleeves and moved the jug so it was beneath the flow of water. Once full, she grabbed a glass, filled it and began to drink.

“Nancy!” Adelaide said, exasperated.

“Oh, sorry, did you want some?” she offered the glass to Adelaide.

“No, pour it on the thing! It’s made of fire!”

“Oh, ok”. Nancy moved over and poured the jug of water onto the thing. It screeched and released Wit. The three fell back into a pile, landing on Fogell who had just begun to wake up. He fainted again.

The creature on the countertop was shrinking. It dissolved into a pile of mulch, which remained there on the countertop. Adelaide rose to her feet, as did Dim and Wit. Grabbing the glass of water from Nancy’s hand, she poured it onto Fogell’s head. The boy woke, shaking himself.

“It’s ok Fogell, we put out the fire, you can wake up now” Adelaide soothed him.

The End

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