Casual Conversation

Nancy stared at Fogell, shaking her head at the boy’s fear.

“Everyone’s head spins, Fogell, it’s nothing unusual”.

Dimm and Wit laughed. Fogell mumbled to himself and moved off into the kitchen.

“So Adelaide, what’s up?” Dim asked again.

“Nothing, the computer broke so Fogell came up to help out. He electrocuted himself and then fainted”.

“Typical Fogell, he always faints whenever he sees you”, Nancy said. “So how’s the fella that hurt himself when the ski lift hit him in the face?”

“Dead” Adelaide replied.

“What? When?”

“When he got hit, it took his head off”.

“It did? Wow!”

Adelaide opened her mouth to speak, but it was not her voice which came out. Her eyes glazed over. “Nancy, you are so stupid, you make Dim and Wit look smart”. The harsh male voice faded out, along with the glaze from Adelaide’s eyes.

“Adelaide’s voice was funny” Fogell said as he re-entered the room.

“She’s probably drunk” Nancy said, “my voice goes funny sometimes when I’m drunk, and anyway, Adelaide would never mock me when she isn’t drunk”.

“I’m not drunk!” Adelaide protested.

“Your voice was funny!” Fogell said again, his disappointment at the multiple intrusions on his and Adelaide’s time together evident.

“Fogell shut up!” Dim said, “stop your complaining”.

Fogell mumbled to himself, then looked up again. “By the way, Adelaide, the kitchen is on fire!”

The End

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