More Company

Fogell looked up from his place against the wall. Still scared, still confused, he called across the room.

"A ... Adelaide's head was spinning."

"So, my head spins sometimes. Vodka makes my head spin. Vodka and Rye makes me puke." Nancy shrugged.

"Yeah, but your head doesn't spin all the way around!"

 Fogell made a spinning gesture with his index finger, as he yelled in frustration. He was scared out of his mind, and he was literally backed up against the wall.

"Really? How did you do that?"  Nancy asked Adelaide, who knelt a safe distance from Fogell, so he wouldn't faint again.

Nancy had a habit of taking things at face value. She didn't even consider it strange that Adelaide's head had spun right around.

"I ... I don't know. I don't remember anything. Fogell fainted, then my head felt all spinny, and weird, then I looked at Fogell, and he fainted again ... " Adelaide looked over at Fogell, who was still a big heap of fear against the wall.

"You've really got to stop doing that, kid. You won't get any girl to like you if you're continuously afraid of your own shadow. You've really got to man up." This time the voice coming out of Adelaide's mouth was a woman's voice, but older.

Fogell fainted.

"I recognize that voice. It's Mrs. Smithereens. She died last year when she was smashed between two lifts on the loading platform. You remember that, Adelaide. I helped you scrape her off the lifts. I didn't know you could do voices. You're really good. You sound just like her."

Adelaide turned towards Nancy with a look of shock on her face. The thing is, she didn't really look like Adelaide anymore. She looked about 45, and her hair was going gray.

"You scraped me off the lifts? That's a rather insensitive way to discuss my horrible death."

Nancy looked at Adelaide in confusion. "Your death? Why ... "

Just then the door slammed open, spilling two young people, and a lot of snow into the room. Everyone in the room looked at them.

"Hi Dim, Hi Wit," Adelaide said in her own voice.

Dim pulled her hood off, and unwrapped her scarf. "Whew. It's terrible out there. I thought only you would be up here, Adelaide. We came up to give you some company. I know your parents are down the mountain. So ... what's up?"

"Adelaide's head was spinning!" Fogell called grumpily across the room.

"So? My head spins all the time." Wit remarked, pulling his parka off.


The End

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