A New Twist.

Adelaide knelt beside Fogell, trying to lift him into a sitting position. She wasn't really sure what happened, except he passed out. There was a little bit of blood on his finger, and a char mark where he might have gotten a bit of a shock. The battery was low, so it couldn't have produced much of a charge.

Fogell was a nice guy, she had known him forever, and he was really smart. He knew everything there was to know about computers, it seemed. He was kind of weird sometimes, though. Whenever he was alone with her, he acted like a scared rabbit. She'd never thought of herself as a scary person, but apparently he did.

She finally got him sitting up, and propped him up against the couch. She sat beside him, and put one hand under his chin to keep his head upright, as she tapped him lightly on each cheek to wake him up.

"Wha ... ?" He looked into the beautiful face of Adelaide, which was inches from his. His eyes rolled up into his head so far, that it might take a strong pair of tweezers to to retrieve them. His head rolled to one side, then the rest of his body followed suit by falling in a lump on the hardwood floor.


Adelaide had no idea what ailed the poor guy. The fact was, that he had a major crush on her, that dated all the way back to preschool. He'd never told her how he felt, for fear of losing her friendship. She'd never been so physically close to him before, and the fact that she actually touched him, was too much for his fragile psyche. She slapped him lightly on both cheeks, then moved away from him to give him some room to breathe.

"Wha ... ?" The lad looked up, and saw that Adelaide wasn't in his face anymore, so he sat up.

"Are you alright?" Adelaide said with concern as she moved a little closer. Fogell's eyes started to roll up again, so she backed away, and he stayed conscious.

"Yeah I'm okay, sorry about that." he apologized, blushing crimson.

"'That's okay, but I was worried about you." Adelaide said, then just out of the blue, her head started to spin!"

"You stupid wimpy kid, you've got a major lust on for this pretty little piece, and you don't even have the guts to tell her. You're such a weakling." A gruff male voice came out of Adelaide's mouth when her head stopped spinning.

Fogell fainted again.

The End

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