The incessant ringing of the phone woke Fogell. He had fallen asleep in front of the computer, his World of Warcraft account open on the bright screen. His glasses lay askew on his face, his shirt stained with spilt coffee. He had been attempting to play non-stop for the last forty eight hours.

Fogell rose and lumbered over to the phone. He raised it to his ear and mumbled "hello". No sound came back to his ear and when he glanced at it, he realised he had it upside down. He turned it the right way and stifling a yawn, mumbled "hello" again.

“Fogell... can you come up to the main cabin please? I need help with the power again”, Adelaide Doodlelips said.

“What? Oh yeah I’ll be right down”, Fogell yawned into the receiver. He hung up the phone and found a clean shirt. Adelaide had been in his class right through school. They were friends still, as they both lived in the Slieve Mish mountain resort. Fogell had secretly had a crush on her for a number of years now, but had never had the courage to act on it.

He left his cabin, turned the key in the lock and set off for the main cabin, pulling the hood of his parka around his face to prevent his lashes from freezing. He soon arrived there, shivering from the cold. He rapped loudly on the back door and soon after, it swung open revealing Adelaide. She gestured for him to enter and he did so quickly.

Fogell followed her through to the reception desk. She showed him the laptop.

“I need the power back so I can charge its battery".

Fogell nodded and bent down to look at it. He pulled out a screwdriver from his back pocket and opened the base of the laptop. As he began fiddling about with its insides, Adelaide went to make him a cup of tea. She had an old iron kettle on a stove back there somewhere. A spark flew from a wire and burnt his finger. He yelped, withdrew it and sucked on it to ease the burning.

He heard Adelaide returning and took his finger from his mouth and began fiddling again, not paying attention this time. She placed the tea on the table, and he stared at her. God she was pretty, he really wanted to just tell her how he felt. As he was about to open his mouth, he felt a slight tingling on his moist finger. Then a full blown electric current ran through his body. His hair stood on end, and his whole body vibrated. He quickly pulled his hand back, cutting himself on a loose shard of plastic. A gash opened and blood began to pour.

“Ah, s**t!” he said, holding his finger out in front of him as the blood spurted irregularly from the wound.

“Oh my god!” Adelaide exclaimed, “Your finger”. She moved over to him to help, and the second she touched him, he collapsed, fainted.

The End

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