Oh give it a rest.

The hard life of s spider.

 I hung just underneath what I think was a Tap, I couldn't be sure. 


   I peeked out the window. It was nice out. Not this mattered too much really, I much prefer the bathroom. It's quiet, it's cool and now and again there's a fly or two  about. 


   I could hear rumblings from beyond the door. I recognised the high pitched wine; it was the one they call Emily. 


   In she walked. She was making some God awful noise, I think they call it singing. 

She then climbed into the bath and turned on the shower. 


She got her pale white form in the bath and stood under the water thing. She made all manor if silly faces and stupid noises. 

Then the water came my way. Just a few drops at first; no problem. 

Then she saw me and screamed. We've had this all before. I'm not going to hurt her. 

Knowing I was here, minding my own business, she starts sending water my way. 

   I try to duck this way and that. I'm quite agile really for a gangly spider. 

The drops that do connect feel like punches. I have to get away. If I stay here Ill end up down the plughole; and that's not happening. 

I scurry as quickly as my right legs will allow. I'm a rather lanky fella so any rapid movement bus both difficult and awkward. 

I make it behind the tap, just as she stops her wailing; Christ this girl has lungs. 

I make it to the window ledge and park myself behind a tube of toothpaste; at least I'll be safe here. 

As soon as she's finished, I'll go back to the tap. I like it there. 

I wait it out, for what feels like forever. She eventually stops the water thingy and gets out if the bath. 

I keep a good eight eyes on her as she puts on her robe and leaves. 

I relax a bit and stretch my legs. I'm here for the duration. 

I hear a commotion outside and seconds later the door opens. 

It's the smaller person, Adam I think they call him. 

He sits on a bowl thing with a black top. He looks up and our eyes meet. 

A look of horror plastered on his face. 

My heart sinks. Here we go again. 


The End

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